Oahu Nightlife

So we found this place called Sky Waikiki. It is on top of a skyscraper on the 19th floor. There is a restaurant and night club and Friday nights are ladies night. We enjoyed incredible views and made friend. A great time of Karaoke and dancing. I loved dancing outside under the stars, I just wish there were less clouds it would have been spectacular. Mandy and I sang Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer, Garth Brooks Friends in Low Places, ABBA Dancing Queen and Madonna Holiday. We know all the moves to Holiday and our crowd went crazy! I don’t think anyone expected the choreography. We dragged Christie up and made her sing with us. They had chicken wings and oh man we ate a bunch. They were delicious! Danced with the girls and some of the guys wanted to dance. Got the VIP treatment all night including the VIP table, lots of pineapple juice and they had these brownie sundaes. Ok your mouth will water but here is the actual description. I wrote it down because I knew I was going to blog on about this.


House-Made Butterscotch. It was like freaking unbelievable. I ordered a milk with it. I got an are you serious look. I smiled and was like “don’t judge, I like milk.” Lol it was a little crazy but we were having fun and we don’t even drink alcohol. Mandy and I stayed later than the rest of our group. We were wanting to dance and flirt some. There were a couple of guys we hit it off with. They agreed to just making out and petting. We were very clear no sex. So we left about 12:30 and had some fun in the Explorer for awhile. It was fun swapping guys and they enjoyed watching Mandy and I make out. I did get fingered to orgasm which I so needed. I think one of the hottest things is making out in a car with friends. The moans, gasps, the smell of arousal, windows steaming up and darkness is just intoxicating. We got back to the house around 3:00 am. What a fun night. Maui next.

Pleasure Island

This trip out to Hawaii has been special for many reasons. But one of the things I have been looking most forward to is time with my friend Mandy. Time away from family with just her or Sara is rare. Even on this trip there will not be a lot of just us time where we can fool around. Wednesday night we were exhausted. By the time everyone left the party sleep was the only thing on my mind. Mandy was fading even before the guests left. So it was up to me to be the social butterfly. I managed, then I crashed. We slept in Thursday morning, then slept on the beach for awhile. Love the Hawaiian Sun. We had an afternoon and evening full of dōTERRA but we weren’t as tired last night 🙂

The naughty started as soon as we got in the Explorer to head back. A few minutes making out never hurt anyone. I drove and she was naked by the time we got back to the house. I mean naked. I really like watching Mandy masturbate. She moans and it just absolutely turns me on. More making out against the Explorer, against the wall, her pulling my clothes off, into the pool and then she went down on me and OMG! I didn’t even try not to scream. She has no mercy and does not let up. I have just had to learn to fight through it. Orgasms like that are like being tickled. Intensely pleasurable and you do not have the strength to stop it. We finally made it into bed around midnight. There are three things I really love to do with another girl. Fingering is an art that I am pretty good at. Mandy had no complaints. Scissoring is one of the most wet and intensely pleasurable experiences I have ever enjoyed. You just grind into each other and your pussies are slippery and lots of wet. Did I mention really, really wet? You can really get a work out doing that. Really good for the abs lol. Finally, I love love love the double ended dildo. I just get to the point I need penetration. That double dong is really big and fucking each other is intense. Every movement you can feel from each other. We started the day early with the sunrise and breakfast at Lanikai Beach. I don’t know how much more naughty time we will have the rest of this trip but damn I want her again.

Lanikai Beach Sunrise

Cloudy days make for some epic sunrises here in the Islands. Mandy and I got up early and packed up a light breakfast. Lanikai Beach is only a 30 minute walk from the property we are staying at, so flashlight in hand we were off on our adventure. Camera ready at 7:11 am and the sky lit up. I have no words. This is the pic I have chosen to share.

Suffice it to say I could not hold back tears. This trip has been very emotional for me so far. My friend held me and we shed a few tears of Joy watching the brilliance above. I didn’t want to miss a second of God’s production. We are now having a lite breakfast. We each brought a muffin. I love blueberry! We also have some delicious fruit. Top it off with some pineapple juice and we have had a very Good morning so far. More to cum but this I had to share. ♥️


So….my BFF Mandy tells me I am like a hurricane. I’m like oh, do tell. Because I have no idea where she comes up with that. So…she says “you are not the organized perfect specimen of perfection you portray.” She is like “I know.” I’m like “go on.” I guess I have a calm and balanced center but all around me is the force of my presence. Organized Chaos she calls it. I am very spontaneous. I agree. Ask Fav. I hadn’t really considered myself a force of any kind, but I guess I am quite a free spirit and am always doing something. She is like no it’s more like something is always doing around you. You just pick the something you decide looks entertaining. I do a lot of pivots in my plans and often drag people willingly or not into something new and fun. Mandy says I don’t conform to the rules I make my own. I guess that is true. I don’t know if a hurricane surrounds me or not or maybe I just am moving at that speed so don’t notice it. I do enjoy life and tend to run with it. I mean why walk to see what is over the horizon?

This next two weeks I should get everything I can handle though. We are here in Salt Lake waiting to board our flight to Hawaii. Mandy and I plan to conquer the world. I have a shot at Diamond this month in dōTERRA. It’s a pretty big deal and milestone they say. I have a pretty big mountain to climb with 5400 volume but it is possible. So we will work and work hard. We have training, classes, one on ones, phone calls, video calls, incentives, parties, samples and some late nights and early mornings. Sara is headed to the East Coast in the face of crazy weather to make it happen there. She is close to Diamond as well and we both want this! So I will definitely make some time to take a breath and enjoy Paradise but we are going for it. The dōTERRA Hawaii Tour 2018 has begun. Four Islands, Twelve Days, Hundreds of Samples and hang on for the ride. Ha ha Mandy just showed me this video and said yep but your not lightning your a hurricane. Cars Intro

Island Park

We had a last minute opportunity to get the Lake House for the MLK weekend. We took it! We enjoyed a quiet night at home Friday and watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It was pretty good actually despite what the critics had to say.

Saturday morning was the basketball game. The boys did so well. The final score was 62-22. We had a gift card for $10 to Cold Stone the boys gave as a sportsman award to one of the other teams players. Our players got Snickers bars and a Capri Sun for the after game treat. I love being a Team Mom. We all had on our team gear on and the Booster Club is going strong. If they go 5-0 and average 50 points a game the Booster Club is taking them to play Laser Tag for a team building activity.

After the game we stopped and grabbed some groceries at Smith then headed to Island Park. We got there about 1:00 had some lunch and Keith took the kids out on a snowmobile run in the afternoon. I got to keep the Dogs company and started the chicken enchiladas for dinner. It has been such a bummer with my hand in a brace. I can’t do anything fun right now. Oh well a couple of weeks and I’ll be free. As long as I quit texting with one hand and my thumb I should make a full recovery. Carpal Tunnel sucks bad. Just saying. After dinner we had an epic, highly contested, game of Settlers of Catan. I did not win. There are some ruthless players in this family that would not give me Iron. I may not have served dessert after. Keith though took me on a night ride which was so cool. We didn’t take chances just a nice ride and stopped and turned off the lights and sled and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Some making out did occur but I would not let him go under my clothes lol. It was way too cold. We finished our fun back at the Lake House 😇.

Sunday morning we got up and had blueberry muffins and juice for breakfast. Then we headed back to Idaho Falls for church. Stopped by the Homestead to get ready and drop off the dogs. Wasn’t willing to leave the puppy up there for 6 hours. We will be heading back soon. Going to grab a quick bite to eat, load up the dogs and head back after church. Tonight some friends are coming up to stay the night and tomorrow morning some more friends will be coming to spend the day. I love three day weekends. Monday there will be lots of snowmobiling and food. Makes for a great day!

Wednesday Mandy and I leave for Hawaii. I will be missing The Sundance Film Festival this year but we have some serious dōTERRA business on the islands. We will be training, teaching classes, hosting some parties and generally having a lot of fun. Four Island, hundreds of peeps, 12 day adventure. Lots and lots of giveaways and incentives. Conquering the world. I can’t wait! Mandy and I plan on having some behind the locked door fun as well. Been way too long. ♥️

What a Game!

I picked Alabama to win it all but down 20-7 in the third quarter I was thinking it didn’t look good. When Georgia hit that 3rd and 11 TD pass for 80 yards I was like CRAP! But the game was super exciting to watch. Alabama clawing their way back to 20-10 then another field goal 20-13 then the TD 20-20 then forcing Georgia to punt. I’m like game over. Alabama misses the field goal. I literally was like wtf?! Overtime and Georgia hits a 51 yard field goal. I was thinking after the sack by Georgia everything was going their way. Then the TD bomb. Game over for reals! True freshmen came to play. That is why they are so great.

Keith was at the game in Atlanta with his brother and dad. He was telling some Alabama fans when they were down 20-10 not to worry I had already called the game and I picked Alabama to win. They were not as believing but by the end of the game they were believers lol. I’m glad they had a good time. Keith’s dad loves college football and this was a real treat for them. Here at home it was a pretty quiet day. Mostly just planned for the game tonight. We did nachos and cheese and chicken wings from

They were soooo good! So we feasted on the wings, nachos & cheese, Peanut Butter M&Ms and Cherry Coke! I’m still wired. A very awesome night. Keith gets home tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday we get up and drive to Boise to pick up our addition to the family. Our Dog is getting a brother. A Dachshund puppy is joining our tribe. The kids have settled on the name Dash. I think it’s cute. Our dog is very excited and has promised to help train Dash. I’m sure Wednesday night will be a bit crazy. The Young Women are coming to our house to hang out for Mutual. We are ordering pizza and having rootbeer floats. I’m sure the fur babies will all get lots of love, especially Dash. We have some games planned as well. It’s what we do. Roll Tide!

Game Day

Today is Game Day! Our 10 year old has been practicing so hard since last season. After two boys that had no interest in basketball I am sure you can understand how excited Keith is. He signed up to be his coach and I am the team mom and everyone is ready for the games to start. It’s like a really big deal. So I got a couple of sponsors. They gave us enough money we were able to get all the boys real basketball shoes and warm up shirts. We also set up a team website with a store so mom and dad and other fans can order team gear. Our first order came in and everyone has been picking up their merchandise since we got home from Orlando. We have a legit booster club!

The boys are going to do so well. Yesterday I mentioned to my little guy that he needs to run the backdoor play and dunk the ball. He was like “Mom you know I can’t dunk yet right?” I was like it is ok you will in a few years. Last year he averaged 3.6 points a game. His ball handling has improved and he knows more how to move without the 🏀 to get open. I am thinking maybe a 6 point average this year. If he crashes the boards hard it could be more! In the parents meeting we were talking about taking the boys to see a Jazz game. Keith has challenged his friend, who is a coach in Orem, to a game. So we just need to try and make all that work in a weekend. I believe team unity is very important so the away game and Jazz game and movie night and end of season party are a big deal. We even have a roster set up for other moms to help with the after game treats. Anyway this is one of the paydays in being a parent. Go big or stay home. ♥️

Date Night

Ok after two weeks of kids home, holidays and a trip to Orlando with kids & friends, we needed a break. Keith asked me out to dinner last night. He also was singing Neil Diamond songs so he was being romantically goofy. He took me to this amazing steakhouse in Jackson Hole. Wyoming, the White Buffalo Club. It was awesome! Started with the Hawaiian Rolls. I had the 8 ounce Filet, Keith had the 14 ounce Ribeye. Even the baked potato was excellent. For Dessert the Liquid Nitrogen Churned Ice Cream. There are no words, must be experienced. It was fun driving out, made a few phone calls, took a nap, talked with Keith. It was just nice. I’m looking forward to going to bed tonight. Just one of those days I want to retreat to my bed and relax. ♥️. My date may get lucky tonight!

Orlando New Years

It has been such a fun week! We caught our flight on Wednesday morning early and with layovers in Salt Lake City where we were joined by Sara and her family then a fast stop in Atlanta. Thank goodness our gate for the flight to Orlando was close. A layover of 30 minutes is just not enough in my mind. We did make it though!

After arriving in Orlando we grabbed something to eat as the kids were starving. Well to be honest I think we were all starving. Chuy’s was awesome! Delicious Tex-Mex food and I highly recommend them. I had the #3 combo. Yummy! Chuy’s Website We got to the Castle a bit before 7 pm and yes it is as cool as it sounds. Over 14,000 sq ft of fun including a heated pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a Game Center, five full suites, secret passages and a theater that blew my mind. The screen was like 14′ wide. The guys were totally in geek mode exploring with the kids. Sara and I went to the store for groceries lol. We got back and joined everyone at the pool for some late night fun.

The bedroom wasn’t too bad either. Although I have never seen a bathroom that big, I swear our whole master suite at home would have fit in that bathroom. The bed was so comfortable.

Thursday we made a big breakfast and the guys took the older kids to Universal Studios. The younger kids watched a movie, Sara played the piano for awhile. She is very good. She played Claire de Lune one of my all time loved songs. Here is the link Claire de Lune We filled the afternoon with a long run and just talked and relaxed. We joined the park goers for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The kids thought it was so cool! The Littles had never been. Tees and souvenirs for all plus plenty of fun till late at Universal Studios. When we got back to the Castle the guys wanted to watch a movie! I fell asleep but somehow ended up in bed so I guess all ended well.

Friday was a day at the Castle. Slept in, guilted Sara into running with me, played games, watched a double feature of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 and 2 plus had a big BBQ and more pool time. Dinner was soooooo good. I ate so much but so worth it. Sara didn’t think coming into their room and dragging her out of bed was fair. No such rules had been called so yeah I did and I got away with it. 😇

Saturday we slept in then ate lunch before heading to Disney World. Spent the day at Hollywood Studios playing. We had dinner at House of Blues. Yeah we like music and burgers so it is always a favorite. After dinner and some shopping caught a few more attractions until late.

Today we were up early for church. I will admit it was pretty hard to get up but we made it…barely. We have six pianists in our group and the Castle has a beautiful baby grand and we had a piano concert after sacrament. Sara and the kids each prepared a number and WOW it was one of the highlights this week. I loved it! We made Philly Cheesesteaks and soup shots for lunch. It was fun and the soup shots were new. Never had done that but we had a bunch of shot glasses here so we made up something new! Tonight we are headed back to Disney World and will spend time in the Magic Kingdom. Frontierland has a big dance we plan on going to and I am sure will embarrass the kids lol. At midnight a huge fireworks show that I have heard is spectacular.

Tomorrow we plan to chill and watch College Football. Roll Tide! Fajitas, chicken wings, chips & salsa plus a chocolate fountain with strawberries, vanilla wafers, Oreos, bananas and cinnamon bears. I am really looking forward to tonight and tomorrow but always as a trip is coming to a close the excitement of returning to the Homestead grows. This road is a quiet one. We don’t get much traffic and when it snows it is pretty impossible to get anywhere without four wheel drive. This road is where my heart is. This is my home and the place everyone always comes back to. It is where my greatest Joy is. I am excited for 2018 and hope you find Joy in the coming year no matter where your road leads. Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas Eve 2017

Well today I love! It is a special kind of wonderful when Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. It’s like getting two for one on your Christmas. For us there is no shopping, Church is only sacrament, more time to cook, bake, play games and watch movies. So today I am once again grateful. As busy as it has been I needed today.

This morning started off with some crazy. We hear this scream! I was like “what is wrong?” Our daughter brings up a ransom note. The Sloth has been kidnapped! The note simply said is we have your Sloth. We will release him unharmed at 6 pm Christmas Day if you perform one act of kindness for each member of your family. I was like oh that sounds nice. But no she went looking for the Sloth. After an hour and no Sloth she realized she best do what the ransom note demands or her beloved Sloth might be gone forever. I agree though who kidnaps a Sloth? We both have a pretty good idea though.

Days like this can be stressful. Sloths go missing, lots of treats need made and most importantly figuring out what to wear. I mean next to your missionary having his Farewell this and Easter are the biggest dress up days of the year. You have to wear something special. It cannot be something you wear regularly. Unlike on Easter it shouldn’t be something new. Your Christmas outfit should include red. It is the one day of the year Cougar Nation embraces the color red, but in the Spirit if Christmas it is excusable. So I selected my red skirt I made, my red heels and a dark green sweater. I think I nailed it. I have included the pic below of my skirt along with the pic of our missing Sloth. If you spot him please contact the local authorities.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. May you find great Joy this Season

🎄🎁 😇⛄️♥️