Summer Seasons

Well it has been a big kickoff for Summer. I love the stages of the Summer Season. June brings the ramp up. Vacations, late nights, Trek, weddings, it’s just full speed ahead. Every Day. All Day. Repeat. Some burn out by July because it is jammed packed.

July for many is cruise control. If you haven’t had Girl’s Camp yet it is likely in July. It is a month of festival with July 4th and Pioneer Day. I think July is my favorite because although busy it is more enjoyable. My birthday is also in July so as you can imagine it is a month of Festival in our home.

August brings a winding down. If you are having Girl’s Camp in August you are crazy. It seems once August hits the focus is on getting back to a routine. The late nights start cutting back. Both from the need for sleep and the demands of re-establishing a schedule. Order is the buzz word for many a mom in August. Back to School shopping and maybe a last Summer getaway.

I love how Memorial Day and Labor Day frame the Summer Season. As for us. We had a good week. Enjoyed the missionaries here Monday. Fed them well and got permission to do indoor rock climbing with them. We had 10 of them and I think they had one of the best P-Days of their missions. Or so they say! Wednesday we had the youth combined activity. A couple hours of fun and then enjoyed a late night of chatting with my counselors on the patio enjoying a fire, music and the stars. Friday went on a hike down at Palisades and Friday Night Cinema on the Lawn ushered in the weekend with Spider-Man Homecoming. Kids had fun and popcorn and candy. We lit up the Barn in blue and red. Was so fun! Last night we had Food Club. They served us this crusted chicken that was amazing. The main course included string green beans and these whipped mashed potatoes and amazing gravy. Lemon Gelato for dessert. After dinner Keith served his home brewed root beer and enjoyed chatting and this game called Spaz we played on the pool table. It’s a great party game. Keith had a few surprises today. The one I think was at least the most pleasurable was midnight head to officially kick off Father’s Day. It was very fun. I love when he is begging to cum. This week takes us all in different directions as June often does. Enjoy your Summer! ♥️

Father’s Day 2018

To my love, you are my sunshine. My life has been warmed by your presence. I have experienced growth and adventure as your companion. It is a Joy falling asleep next to you and every day brings a new chapter in our Journey. We have made a wonderful nest with amazing kids. I am so grateful I caught your eye. ♥️ I hope you enjoyed the start to your day.

A Need

Today a few of us became aware of a family in dire need. The husband has been out of work and they have four young children under 10 at home. This isn’t a unique circumstance other than they have not secured any assistance yet. I do not know the circumstances as to why they aren’t aware of or using resources available like the Food Bank, Bishop’s Storehouse, Unemployment Benefits or other resources. Today none of that matters. There is a family hungry. It was an incredible experience to be able to deliver groceries and to spend a few minutes with them. They are good people in the midst of a trial. Sometimes we all face a moment when Hope fails us. There is a loss as to what to do. Never, ever forget there are those that care. My feelings are very tender right now as to this experience. There is dignity even in hardship especially when one who is suffering experiences the Love of others. Love chases away all fear and encircles us with renewed Hope. I believe in Miracles and Love is the where, why, when and how they happen. So grateful for an opportunity to do some good today.


Friends came up from Utah and took us and the young women out rappelling. It took some encouragement but all of the girls went at least once. Many several times! It is always such a joy sharing new experiences with them. I am glad they all found the courage to try. There are so many cool things within a couple of hours from Idaho Falls. I have loved living in both Utah and Idaho and the blessing of the outdoors.

Thursday our friends stayed the day and the kids loved having them here. Lots of fun indoor climbing and games. We had a perfect night of clear skies and Keith brought out his telescope. Star gazing to U2 is a favorite. It was a great first week of Summer. Very little work, lots of play, friendships new and old, awesome food and amazing views. We shall see what next week brings in our Journey of Summer.

Food Club

Okay I have been thinking about food today. All day. Here are some of my favorites and a few places I enjoy.

  • Fresh squeezed lemonade. Always loved that corn dog place in the mall. Their corn dogs were delicious to.
  • Wetzel Pretzel. Just so good.
  • Cougar Tail
  • Tucanos especially the bacon wrapped chicken and the grilled pineapple. Awesome salad bar to.
  • Homestead Rootbeer
  • Jello
  • Kneaders Chicken Noodle Soup and Mexican Spice Hot Chocolate
  • Texas Roadhouse rolls
  • Chili’s chips and salsa
  • Purple Turtle fish and chips. They also have amazing malts
  • Fresh corn on the cob
  • Celestial toast
  • KFC original recipe
  • Magleby’s chocolate cake
  • Turkey on Thanksgiving
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Molly’s in Provo
  • Lion House Pantry
  • Cafe Rio
  • Bajio
  • Costa Vida
  • Scotcharoos
  • Cowboy Stew
  • Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Ice cream
  • Cinnamon anything
  • Bacon
  • Filet Mignon
  • Sizzler Shrimp
  • Whooper is my favorite burger
  • Texas BBQ

When we travel we love to try local places. Rarely will we eat in a chain. There are a few exceptions like Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues and the Cheesecake Factory all are good anywhere. We also love to get groups of friends together and have a catered dinner or go out and get the private rooms at restaurants. Love to be a VIP!