Typical Weekend

Here goes. Keith left Thursday morning for Boston. It was a “business” trip but the BYU vs UMASS game may have played into the timing. Just a bit. He met his business partner there and they took some colleagues to the game this morning. Friday night for us at home was all about the Hillcrest domination of Nampa in the State 4A Semi-Finals game. It was a cold night, but we sent Nampa on a long late bus ride across the State. Final score 41-20. We beat them early and never looked back. Post game celebration at IHOP, then teens came here till late. Love the sounds of laughter and fun.

This morning after sleeping in we hosted BYU Game Day. It fell to me since Keith was away on “business” but the dogs and I made it happen. Right now BYU is crushing it 35-10. Maybe they may salvage the season. Morning games are not easy to cater for but we ended up doing doughnuts, bagels, muffins along with an assortment of juices and fruit. The hit though was the flavored hot chocolate shots. Cream and marshmallows optional (:

This is my life. Family, friends, sports and entertaining. We will do it again next week. I leave Monday for Arizona for dōTERRA Tour and have been scrambling to change my flight back to Boise so I can attend the State Championship Game. Hillcrest vs. Bishop Kelly. It should be a heck of a game. I arrive in Boise at 12:30 so I’ll grab an Uber and join family and boosters to cheer on the Knights. I can’t wait for this week. On a side note.

Fairy Tales

“Believe in Fairy Tales but remember it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that gives us our Happily Ever Afters.”

It is often the greatest source of wisdom comes in unexpected moments. Story telling before bed, in moments of humor and often a conversation. It is not always meant to be thought provoking or a great revelation but time has a way of wrapping these words of love in a way they will never be forgotten nor the Soul that spoke them.

Boise Road Trip

And we are off! Headed to the BYU game against Boise State tonight. Kickoff is at 8:15 so tune in. I am hoping BYU opens a can of Whoop Ass on the Broncos. It could happen. One can hope. I’ll be there cheering loud and proud. Staying at the Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites. Kids are excited for the trip particularly because we are Cougar fans living in enemy territory. So this game represents serious bragging rights. We are eating at Tucanos today before the game which is also a road trip highlight. The Hotel is close enough to the Stadium to walk which will be nice.

In other news the Hillcrest Knights beat Middleton 21-17 last night to move on in the Idaho 4A Football Playoffs. Next up Napa. It should be a very exciting game next week. Go Knights! We will be repping both BYU and Hillcrest apparel while in Boise. Problem is the color clash. Unfortunately Cougar Blue and Knight Red is what it is lol. BYU really needs this game because if they lose I have to wear a Boise State Football Jersey the next time they play. However, if I win a whole group of Boise State fans here get to wear the Cougar Blue for the next game. So seriously send winning vibes to the Cougars! Rise & Shout!!!!

UPDATE: I am proud of the Cougars. They put themselves into position to win last night. They had a shot and it was a heartbreaker but that is the foundation you build on. Loss is a big part of a champion’s experience. We had a lot of fun. Met some cool people, both Boise State fans and local BYU fans, plus ran into friends from Utah. Good times!

Hallowed Eve 2018

Well I think I finally had my dream event. Took us two full days to get decorations done and to convert the Barn into a Haunted House but we did it. Over the course of the evening we had three phases of fun. Early The Friendly Ghosts Phase with the younger children. Activities like a treasure hunt and runway to show off Halloween costumes. Judges and prizes for the most creative and fan favorites. Next up came the witch dance with 33 witches that showed up. Here is a link of what the witch dance is. Witch Dance. During the Zombie Hours Phase we taught everyone the Thriller and had an escape room activity plus laser tag for the Teens. They had a blast, literally. Black lighting is always very cool. For the adults and those that stayed late we had a murder mystery. The Barn lighting kicked off the Walking Dead Phase. The color orange and eerie music definitely go together. The catered food was creepy but yummy. Was really nice to have plenty of room this year and to raise some money for the Foundation. Here is part of the Thriller Video. Halloween is one of the best nights ever! Next up Missionary Homecoming

A Surprise

Yesterday I was hosting a monthly lunch event. It was an important one to me as I was pitching a new idea to the group. My two best friends showed up from Utah just after 11. There may have been a scream as I was so shocked and excited to see them. It meant the world to me they would take the time to get away for this. We had a fun evening which included indoor rock climbing. There was a race between the three of us to get to the top. Now I’ll have you know I’m not happy with my kids. They were cheering for Sara to win. Extremely not cool. The dogs were cheering for me though. Sara won, but Mandy and I both think she cheated lol. I won at Dance Dance Revolution!

Later after dinner we sat in the Sauna. There was no touching, but we masturbated and had some great orgasms. Made for a fun end to the day. This morning started with a Bungee Workout. Here is a video of what it is.

Bungee Workout Link

HUGE breakfast after our workout and hung out for a few hours until they left around noon. Tonight some friends came over for Bowling. My game is slowly improving, I scored 134 tonight.