God I love to cum!  Honestly there are few things in this world I love more.  Very grateful I can do it several times because once is definitely not enough.  I think I had my first orgasm around 10 years old.  I have never felt guilty about it because nothing that good can honestly be bad.  I am sure not everyone agrees with me and that’s ok.  It’s my opinion that counts for me.  i think my most intense orgasms come either from oral or my rabbit vibe.  Anyway a few very good ones tonight.  Have a great Christmas Eve tomorrow.  I am enjoying some time off and enjoying some much earned orgasms 🙂


Ok I’ll admit it.  I am super competitive.  I wouldn’t say I’m a poor sport.  I can handle losing and I will tell you good job “IF” you are one of the rare individuals that actually defeat me.  🙂  Well I just have to do my little victory dance because I earned it.  Last night I won Settlers of Catan and today schooled my 15 year old in racquetball.  Victory is sweet!  But I will have to say what trumps all is having the time to play games with my family and to go play racquetball.  It is such a fun game.  I won 3 out of 4.  Only lost the last game by one point.   So anyway anyone up for a game?


We are told that Charity is the greatest of all.  It never faileth.  It is the pure love of Christ.  It is LOVE in actIon.  We live in a very selfish world.  If you have ever at any point in your life felt the sting of financial duress you know how hard some people have it right now.  Whether it was when you were growing up or as an adult with a family it is a difficult place.  The Proverbial Rock and Hard Place that doesn’t yield easily.  We all work through it eventually, hopefully with no permanent scars.  One common experience many of us had in these times of difficulty is the miracles wrought by the angels among us.  Those few that somehow know of the challenges we are passing through.  Random acts of kindness, money or gift cards left both from friends and strangers, presents delivered unexpectedly.  Miracles.  That is what these moments that grace perfection are called.  I do know a secret I wish to share with you.  We all fall short in this life of perfection and were in not for the Infinite Atonement of our Savior we would all be lost.  I do know that when we serve others and lift those in need we bless them and bless ourselves 10 fold.  I was told once kindness and service bury a multitude of sins.  Why?  Because in the end we are judged by our hearts and actions more than anything.  Living a Christlike life and being charitable is far different than calling oneself a Christian.  Again this year we have had several opportunities to pay charity forward.  The level of kindness that has been shown to my family in the past was an overwhelming and beautiful thing.  I remember 6 words that will forever be burned into my soul.  “When your able, pay it forward.”  We have done our best.  We continue to try and do better.  Not just during the Holidays but whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Tonight we were able to take Christmas presents to a Hispanic family in Provo.  They were not expecting us nor were they planning a Christmas.  No tree.  no decorations.  The parents did not speak English the oldest of three boys Leo translated.  The mother and father experienced Joy.  Kids experienced the magic of Christmas or I am sure their little miracle of 2013.  I embraced this wonderful mother and cried with her a few moments.  She looked me in the eyes and even though we didn’t speak I knew her thoughts.  In Les Miserables there is a line that says to look into another’s eyes is to see the face of God.  It truly is amazing to lift another person in a moment they need it most.  If you are able there is still time to help.  So many people in the world today that are struggling.  It breaks my heart to think of a child not getting a present.  Take the opportunity to lift another and to experience the true Spirit of Christmas.  It is worth the time, effort, and sacrifice and I promise the universe pays back karma 10 fold.  God Bless and so many miracles to come.  I know we are not done.


Holy wow look outside!  More snow falling.  I hope it snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I think as I have gotten older that is one of the special treats I enjoy the most is snow for Christmas.  Without it for me is almost like July 4th without fireworks.  Sure you can still celebrate and go through the motions but snow makes it all perfect.  Often people talk about going away somewhere warm for Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong I would love a trip to Hawaii as much as anyone but NOT on Christmas.  I would be more inclined to go somewhere that I knew would have snow.  Winter brings such wonderful things.  We get hot chocolate, blankets to snuggle, swap of the seasonal wardrobe and some shopping to freshen it up.  I love sweaters by the way.  i love to read by my fireplace and stay warm.  I so love tubing and snow angels and making snowmen and snowball fights!  Going to try snow shoeing this year as my new adventure.  I even like using the snowblower.  Fun to shoot the snow so far with a machine!  A couple of fun hints.  For the bestest hot chocolate around.  The Chocolate in Orem, Yogurt Bliss in Spanish Fork or Pleasant Grove, and Christophers in Salt Lake.  All Heavenly.  I am kind of a hot chocolate snob so trust me on this.  For the absolute best pie in the world visit the Wild Mustang in Orem.  i love treats at Christmas time.  It is totally fine if you mix it in with some running.  Enjoy the holidays and the joys of winter.  It’s a blessed time.


I once heard everyone does it or they lie about it.  I love to have orgasms.  Probably addicted to them I would confess.  Keith and I have sex 4 or 5 times a week and I probably masterbate another 3 or 4 at least.  Sometimes more if I have time and some steamy chats.  I think being a girl we have an advantage in the area of masterbation.  I know for me I can have multiple orgasms.  Huge plus because I don’t mind that at all!  We have so many toys to choose from as well.  I have a  6, 7, and 8 inch realistic dildos.  I have a black dildo that’s 9 plus a rabbit vibe, a glass dildo, double ended dildo, vibrating egg, and yours and mine lube.  If you haven’t tried that you must!  Plus fingers are great to.  It makes it fun having choices.  What do you like to use?