My Singles Ward Bishop

I made a couple of good friends that were playful like me.  We had a really awesome Bishop who I think was a little kinky.  After an interview or two and one young man recently home off his mission who I had introduced to some fun confessed, I started to get called in more regularly for interviews.  Lets just say the Bishop got to know us all pretty well.  He really liked hearing about what we were doing.  Not once did we ever get in trouble.  We were counseled that it was normal to want to experiment some just don’t get out of control and no intercourse.  It is amazing I didn’t lose my virginity or get knocked up that semester.  I will say it was nice having someone more open minded that gave us some room to explore and discover without judgement.  Thank you Bishop for that.  The RM guy shouldn’t have confessed after that he was blacklisted.  He really got a great hand job, shame he could have gotten more.

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