What is a Dip?

First had a dip accidentally in high school.  My then boyfriend and I were going hot and heavy.  I had on my panties and he his underwear but his cock would not stay in.  It felt good having him grind into me though my panties.  Just the heat of his cockhead pressing against my clit and hole was hot…mmmmmm still love doing it.  Anyway eventually my panties slipped to the side more and he was grinding into my pussy lips.  It felt too good to stop and the first time I had felt so out of control.  The angle wasn’t a good one for him getting in and the panties were still kind of blocking him but they totally slipped out of the way and he caught the hole and the head went in.  I thought OMG he is in me.  I think spreading my legs wider to get more contact and his grinding so hard caused it but I wasn’t thinking much except wanting to cum.  He was barely in me but he felt huge.  We both just kind of froze but he wasn’t wanting to pull out but he didn’t go any deeper.  We just basked in the moment of pleasure.  He would kind of flex his cock a little and I would squeeze my pussy a little and that felt good to both of us.  I was nervous he was going to cum but he was like “I promise I won’t” and “just a few more seconds”  All he was thinking about was how good it felt.  Finally after a few minutes he pulled out and shot cum all over my stomach.  Close call but a very fun slip.  I liked it but didn’t want to have sex all the way.  So kind of decided as long as the guy just wanted to get the head wet I was open to dipping again.  I only did it with guys I trusted and that promised not to go further.  I do have some dipping rules however.  Here are a few:

No dipping doggie style…that will get you in trouble fast.   

Typically girl is on top…more control if you have resolve.

If you dip missionary have him further down so he can’t get long strokes and penetrate deep if excited.

Sideways is also good because you can keep him under control better.  Not as easy to thrust deep into you.  

I always made sure they knew if they went further we won’t do this again.  If you want to really tease him you let the head slip into the hole a little not just in the lips.  Feels amazing, I love even a little penetration.  If you want a little risk and you think you can trust him missionary with him dipping inside you was a delicious treat.  I will admit I am lucky I didn’t go further but I always had a very strong will.  I think I was just enough fun none of the guys wanted to risk getting cut off.  So dip at your own risk. 

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