The Greater Evil

The Mormon faith has an obsession with sex.  It’s true.  I don’t believe it is entirely based on doctrine as much as the culture of the Church itself.  From the time we are young we are basically taught that even our thoughts will condemn us and that any sexual act including any touching of others or ourselves is evil.  Our leaders drill it into us at every opportunity.  No wonder we have such a dysfunction with intimacy in marriage.  We rebel to a degree in our youth and are immoral then we repent.  Most the boys serve missions after a slap on the hand and the girls go to the temple and marry these converted young men and begin the proper Mormon marriage.  Sex is exciting at first but problem is we grow up and then all the jacked up propaganda we were given catches up.  Either the husband or wife or both decide that they don’t want to have sex.  Oral sex is considered not virtuous or proper.  We can’t use toys or fantasize or French kiss because that would be outside the boundaries The Lord has set .  I will never cease to be amazed at the energy being given to shame the youth into abstinence and guilt about sex yet sins like thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not bear false witness as just a few seem to be lesser sins.  Hate to break it to everyone but those 3 among others are just as serious.  They made the BIG 10 as well.  Because of our obsession with the evil nature of sex and not being good Christians of God’s Kingdom we are being dragged to Hell because we are lulled into a sense of security.  We aren’t even having sex with our spouse in many cases.

I believe the greatest success of Satan was getting us all so hung up on sex.  We partake as youth, we repent and then avoid intimacy because of our programming, we cease to have intimacy in marriage which tears a marriage apart.  We ignore the other sins which easily ensnare us because the focus is on sex!  We have all been duped!  is there any wonder why there is so much divorce, affairs, unhappy marriages, etc.  I think the Church needs to seriously be teaching intimacy in marriage.  Call those that are withholding from their loved one to repentance.  It is as damaging to an eternal marriage as physical abuse.  Satan is destroying marriages by simply taking the intimacy out of them.  We would be a much happier people if we had several more orgasms a week.  Masterbation included.  Anyway I will step off my rant and just say have some fun and what a couple chooses to do together…is their fun and business.  I have a simple philosophy…naughty not nasty.  Sometimes it’s nice to make love other times f**k each other.  Enjoy your night.

One thought on “The Greater Evil

  1. Preach it Angie! This couldn’t have been articulated any better, no matter the individual. On my mission an assistant to the president (who lived in my apartment when I was a greenie), said that whatever he chooses to do between the sheets with his wife=that was their business. He added that he’ll perform oral and then go to the Temple with a clear conscious. The shaming of sexuality in the Church and the Puritanical idea of sex (only missionary and only for procreation) has been in the minds of Europeans and Americans for too many centuries.

    Sex is a beautiful thing. Catholicism and Mormonism turn away too many that would otherwise be faithful.

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