I Love Holidays

I’m kind of an anomoly I think.  I enjoy shopping as much as the next girl, but I don’t really get sucked into the sales gimmicks surrounding the Holidays.  One thing I believe about retailers is they are always going to have another sale.  I am not willing to give up quality time with my family to save 25% on a sweater or a BOGO on a pair of shoes.  Can you imagine the money they would save in advertising if they just saved us all the junk mail and passed the savings of their media buys on to us.  Save a tree and end junk mail!  Save my sanity and spare me the time of deleting your email advertiser and I’ll forever be your loyal shopper.  I wish we would all just not show up on Black Friday or as it’s now becoming Black Thanksgiving.  Can you imagine what a message that would send?  Leave our Holiday alone!  Problem is most people are as dumb as sheep.  Seriously they are so easily manipulated by great marketers.  Guess that’s why these companies make big money and can afford to pay me to put on awesome Christmas events to celebrate another great conquest over all the sheep in the world.  So I should be saying thank you after all.  I just won’t be shopping on the same days.

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