Making Out

I always love to straddle a guy when making out.  I think it’s that I’m just very sexual and it always seems to be a turn on for both of us when I’m the assertive one.  So it’s fun to have him sit down on a couch, or backseat of car, or bed and then just get on him.  The other thing I enjoy is I can be very aggressive in grinding and it’s very easy for him to play with my breasts.  I also am in perfect position to have my neck kissed and my nipples sucked.  For me making out on top definitely rates a 10.

2 thoughts on “Making Out

  1. I love car sex. This post reminded me of the first time I experienced it. A senior in HS in Denver, was working late at a gas station.. A girl, Barb dropped by, which was unusual as the location was 15 miles from home. We sat talking in the front seat of my ’60 Chevy..Big wide seats..before I knew it, i was unbuckled, whipped out and she crawled on top straddling me..As we made out, she slowly slid down on my cock…I don’t remember how long it took me but quite sure I exploded quickly. I loved that car and those large, wide seats. We made use of them often…

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