I have four children whom I love very much.  Being a kid is much different today than it was on the 80’s.  Kids today have Facebook, SnapChat, Messenger, Instagram among many other social media tools I haven’t even heard of.  They text like crazy.  Honestly I think they would rather text than talk on the phone.  The Social Cycle of being connected is almost non stop in our modern world.  Both the good and bad aspects of it.  I know the anxiety I experience from being connected all the time.  I have family, friends, work, and my yahoo world.  Someone is always trying to reach me for something.  A busier world we have never known because it got a lot noisier since the cyber world of the internet and social media opened up everything.  I am not sure if young adults are better equipped to deal with it than the rest of us or if they are worse off.  Perhaps we will know for sure in a decade or two.  I enjoy the benefits of it, stress over the demands of it, and can’t escape the reach of it.  I worry about my kids especially when seeing the technology that is supposed to be there as a tool for them actually seems more of a distraction.  Poor grades, missing homework, lack of focus all seem to be happening ongoing.  I think we are going to start disconnecting more.  Technology Fasts once a week.  No technology zones in the house.  No phones in rooms after bedtime.  Big question is can we survive?  I think we are going to try it because I’m concerned for my kids.

7 thoughts on “Kids

  1. I’ve had to disconnect from social media a few times. It’s sad how with all the modern advances, we seem to be more rushed & have less time on our hands. How often were you able to successfully implement/maintain Technology Fasts, no technology zones in parts of the house as well as no phones in the rooms after bedtime?

  2. Technology can be had for good or evil. When new technology arrives, it is out of our comfort zones. At first hard to embrace, then we go wild. It is like when the telephone arrived. Out of people comfort zone. It took 15 years before the telephone spread like a wild fire. Before then, people wanted to keep the old way of talking face to face to a person. Leaving little time for other activities. Then they finally realized, I can save time by talking on the telephone. Giving me more time to do other activities. Hence we can do more in the same amount of time.

    I’m sure as the telephone became popular, parents must of felt their children spending to much time on the telephone and placed restriction on its use. Just like parents are doing today. Have we really change with new technology?

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