I really want to take a family vacation this Summer. We have a couple options which include a trip to Disneyland which would most likely include some time at the beach and an Angels game as well. Maybe a day at Universal Studios mixed in. The other option would be a trip to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and then back through Thermopolis Wyoming and a day at the hot springs and then a stop for the worlds greatest malt in Shoshone. I guess my question is which sounds better. Four kids from 16 to 6 mixed in. We want to have a great trip.

The Anal Mystery

I tried it once about 15 years ago. Honestly I don’t get it. I did not enjoy it. It hurt I wanted to finish and Keith has never ever asked again because he knows how much I did not like it. Every guy I chat with asks if I like anal sex. Is everyone doing it but me? Is it that popular? Even some of the women I know like it. Confused in Happy Valley as to why. What am I missing? My friend today was telling me she enjoys it so maybe I need to try again. I have always wanted to try DP so maybe that would be a good way to give it a second go. I have done DP sucking and fucking. The idea of trying to take two guys in my pussy is a huge turn on but I’m sure the normal way is easier. Anyway yeah that’s what is on my mind. The anal mystery.

Cock Size

Does size really matter?  Sorry guys but yes, yes it does.  The other factor though that really makes a difference is hardness.  I once heard a joke about a woodpecker.  I am not the best joke teller so please forgive me destroying this but it illustrates the story well.  Two woodpeckers get together at the ones tree.  The one woodpecker drills through the bark very easily.  The one woodpecker asks why he can so easily drill the new tree and the other says a pecker is always harder away from home.  I love a hard throbbing drooling cock.  Keith is 7 inches and thick.  I like his size. Almost always he is hard but yeah playing with another guys though they are always throbbing.  You know a guy is like in total lust when it just won’t go down.  You push it down and it jumps back up.  That is the type of cock you just love to grind on or dip with.  I have never had another guys cock all the way in me so I couldn’t judge that but I sure love my 8 and 9 inch dildos.  I have never played with a guy smaller than 6 inches and doubt I would be interested.  A big head on the top is a treat as well.  But I would say for me 7 or 8 inches and really hard is what does it for me.  Love it when Keith gets really turned on.  Girls have you ever had a guy so horny that he cums and then keeps going?  Doesn’t even go down.  OMG that is like the ultimate rush.  🙂



Have you seen this show?  Our family is hooked on it.  From the same people that did LOST and we loved that show to.  Just great storytellers.  I love a good story and after this weeks episode I’m dying to know what’s in Lubbock Texas.  Will Aaron actually get some answers?!  They may be great storytellers but they certainly are not good about giving us answers.  Seems for every answer we get there is three more questions asked.  So if you enjoy some great TV this is one truly awesome show.  Oh and I would so do Monroe he is totally hot.  I loved the episode when he and Matheson were younger and he ended up doing his best friends girlfriend.  Those two have a crazy relationship.  I actually think that Charly is Matheson’s daughter.  It will all be revealed.  🙂



I love love love my rabbit vibe. Keith has been so slammed with work lately and I am definitely not getting my normal amount of sex. Every once in awhile life gets this way and what he is working on his huge for us and our future. I am proud of him and love that he is smart and hardworking. I am sure once he gets through it life will be better than ever. As for today I’m going insane lol. Sex normally 4 times or so a week has home to once. I got really lucky last weekend and got it two days in a row. 🙂 it’s not that he doesn’t love sex he is just exhausted. I get it just sad. These times in your life where things get complicated fortunately don’t last too long. A couple of months to a year has been our experience. I am just glad for toys especially my rabbit. You have no idea unless you have used one how great those orgasms are. The ears are like pure pleasure in a hum. I seriously think I am addicted right now. I keep expecting I’m going to wear out the rabbit. I have done it before so I am going to be proactive and say I’ll order a new one this week so I am prepared. As some of you are aware we are kind of in a time out until we redefine our boundaries on play a bit. It’s horrible timing with Keith’s career and all because I definitely want to talk and he can’t focus on it right now. I love you Keith but if there was ever a time to be able to fool around it’s right now. Totally support what he is going but dang I need some more time in bed 🙂 Was that subtle enough? Hint Hint. Play or let me play. I do respect our relationship and obviously this is a mutual decision but yeah hoping for a deep talk soon. As to other things a big shout out to a new friend I totally want to play with. Sharon I absolutely adore you! Yes sorry guys totally infatuated with a girl right now. So anyway my wisdom for the day…girls if you haven’t tried a rabbit vibe you have not lived.