Midnight Sex

We have all sorts of names for the times of day we have sex.  There is the quickie that can happen anytime and anywhere.  Usually less than 5 minutes.  You have the nooner, afternoon delight, wake up sex, and my favorite…midnight sex.  Sometimes midnight sex is planned.  It may not always be exactly at midnight like last night.  But close enough to celabrate the New Year.  I love the spontaneous midnight sex the best.  Waking up to having my nipples sucked or being fingered is a real delight.  Wet, horny, and ready to go.  I also like midnight sex because it’s dark or typically only a lamp on.  Another common theme is that it doesn’t always have to be in bed.  The couch, car, bean bag.  All fun places work for midnight sex.  Naughty or nice it is my favorite of all the days sex.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Sex

  1. I’ve been told after the fact by several women: “I wanted to wake you up last night to have sex, but I decided not to”=are you effing kidding me?! That’s the same nonsense as “I wanted to ask you out, kiss you, say come over for sex or tell you how I feel, but didn’t do so.”

    My ex wife said that she wanted to have woken me up for sex, yet never did. She also told me to never wake her up (prodding her awake or going to town or slightly arousing parts of her body. Meh, I’ve been cheated. Lol

    PS I also have never had a woman jump up into the air & wrap her legs around my waist in one fluid motion (as seen in the romantic movies). My last girlfriend said she would, but AGAIN chose not to.

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