I will confess that I have a weakness for double stuff Oreo cookies.  I am having a few right now with a glass of cold 1% milk.  Isn’t that kind of funny though?  I am having four double stuffed Oreos and I am concerned about the milk.  But I only drink 1% milk.  But I run enough that I can enjoy a few Oreos.  No guilt here I say.  I like the ones with the mint filling as well.  Yummy.  Delicious to the taste and very desirable..  🙂  I like animal crackers to.  You know the frosted ones with the pink and white icing.  They have a jungle version to with green or white frosting.  It is a little crazy I’m posting about cookies.  But I do only weigh 128 so I can have a couple!  Sleep well everyone.


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