There is an outbreak of the flu right now and it is bad.  Even if your not sick drink lots of water.  Whatever you drink currently most people could easily double their daily intake.  Grape Juice is really good for you in helping you stay healthy.  I try and drink a glass every day.  Wash your hands like crazy, brush your teeth, and change your sheets.  I know this may sound silly but with an increase in sickness it’s a good reminder not to let the virus get a foothold.  Also if you do get sick here is a little trick that will allow you to breathe.  Get peppermint essential oil and put some in your hands and breathe it in.  Totally will open your airways.  I like doTERRA essential oils but there are many that will work.  Will totally change how you feel.  Also put it around your forhead and nose but do not get in your eyes.  I hope this helps you avoid getting sick or helps if you do.  Good luck in your battle with the germs.

One thought on “Peppermint

  1. I can always drink more water and at times I’m good about it (late spring and summer make it an easier task). Great tips for the peppermint oils (January is the time to do so, not the middle of May though lol). I also take airborne dissolving tablets w/ a small amount of baking soda=this help my body recover quicker from certain ailments.

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