There is this vibe called a Rabbit.  Girls if you haven’t tried one you must.  You can buy one at adamandeve.com if you need a good place to order.  Basically it has a shaft that inserts and it rotates and and some thrust and then it has these ears that come off the shaft.  That is why it’s called a Rabbit Vibe because of the vibrating ears.  The ears tease your clit until you orgasm.  I can tell you those ears are incredible.  I honestly cum constantly using one.  Love love love it.  Guys this is the perfect gift for your girl.  Mine broke so I’m shopping for another right now guess that was my inspiration tonight.  Another toy I really want to try is a Sybian.  Honestly I keep telling Keith to get me one but they are not cheap.  I want to try one bad though.  Anyone ever use one?

3 thoughts on “Rabbit

  1. I went with my last girlfriend and she bought a vibrator. It was funny when she asked me if she could use it, after we had sex. It was cute & when I said yes, she had this astonished puppy dog look of surprise cum across her face=it was endearing and sad at the same time. She was really hesitant to use it and told me that most guys she had dated/been with=felt emasculated that a woman would want/need anything but them. I told her that it was a nonsensical ideal of moronic schmucks that knew they couldn’t deliver and that it was selfish for them to be that way.

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