Wow it is bad out there.  I find it so interesting in Utah that we can have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day most years…then get into January and Utah decides it’s time for winter and temperatures drop like crazy!  Last year was brutal.  Weeks on end in the single digits.  I love the four seasons Utah offers us but even single digits is too much winter and cold for me.  I’m sitting here looking out the window watching the snow fall.  The wind howl.  I have my slippers on and a sweater because even in this house its cold.  Grateful right now for a fireplace and snowblower.  A son and husband that keep the drive and walks somewhat clear.  Most importantly though is that I don’t have to go out in it for the next couple of days.  I am free from travel anywhere until Monday if needed.  So Mother Nature…have fun.  Everyone be safe…bad roads and cold cold cold.  Might be a good day for some hot chocolate

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