Have you seen this show?  Our family is hooked on it.  From the same people that did LOST and we loved that show to.  Just great storytellers.  I love a good story and after this weeks episode I’m dying to know what’s in Lubbock Texas.  Will Aaron actually get some answers?!  They may be great storytellers but they certainly are not good about giving us answers.  Seems for every answer we get there is three more questions asked.  So if you enjoy some great TV this is one truly awesome show.  Oh and I would so do Monroe he is totally hot.  I loved the episode when he and Matheson were younger and he ended up doing his best friends girlfriend.  Those two have a crazy relationship.  I actually think that Charly is Matheson’s daughter.  It will all be revealed.  🙂


One thought on “Revolution

  1. Whats in Lubbock…. the best university ever 😉 and thats it lol. For the area its a big city… for the rest of the US its a backwoods texas town for college students and cows.
    Haven’t seen the show… grew up in the area though

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