The Anal Mystery

I tried it once about 15 years ago. Honestly I don’t get it. I did not enjoy it. It hurt I wanted to finish and Keith has never ever asked again because he knows how much I did not like it. Every guy I chat with asks if I like anal sex. Is everyone doing it but me? Is it that popular? Even some of the women I know like it. Confused in Happy Valley as to why. What am I missing? My friend today was telling me she enjoys it so maybe I need to try again. I have always wanted to try DP so maybe that would be a good way to give it a second go. I have done DP sucking and fucking. The idea of trying to take two guys in my pussy is a huge turn on but I’m sure the normal way is easier. Anyway yeah that’s what is on my mind. The anal mystery.

2 thoughts on “The Anal Mystery

  1. 27 lds mother of two. I love anal sex. There is something very naughty and taboo about it for me which I enjoy to the fullest, but I am also able to get off from it very well. It is a bit uncomfortable at first, but with the right prep it becomes more exciting than uncomfortable. DP is a huge fantasy for me even though im more into women than men right now, but that seems to fluctuate. Using a toy to simulate the experience is very erotic. Nothing has ever made me feel so full. Some anal ease is useful and lots of lube. Regular sex before hand gets me into the mood as well and I want it more so its good to start there and then transition. I also prefer to straddle my hubbys cock instead of do it doggy style, it hits the right spot better and since I cant really control my reactions my hubby gets a clear view of how it makes me feel.

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