I really want to take a family vacation this Summer. We have a couple options which include a trip to Disneyland which would most likely include some time at the beach and an Angels game as well. Maybe a day at Universal Studios mixed in. The other option would be a trip to Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and then back through Thermopolis Wyoming and a day at the hot springs and then a stop for the worlds greatest malt in Shoshone. I guess my question is which sounds better. Four kids from 16 to 6 mixed in. We want to have a great trip.

3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. What did you wind up doing? I’ve been to Disneyland several times (not once with my kids, the former in-laws get that trip with all the grandkids), I’ve been several times to Yellowstone (great, but kids will only remember Old Faithful, several bison and a souvenir they begged you for). All-in-all the first option sounded the best.

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