Dealing with someone close to me right now suffering with Depression. It is crazy how it is such a gradual thing in some cases and you don’t even see it coming. But oh the havoc it can create and wake it can leave once it gets hold. If you are going to be depressed please don’t do it because you have set unrealistic expectations on yourself that no mortal can achieve. Don’t be depressed because of guilt or shame over being less than perfect. Change comes gradually not all at once. Sometimes we may fall short and it’s okay. Thoughts of suicide or believing we are not of value are dark roads in which demons hide in wait. Not one of us is perfect. We are all fighting wars in our hearts. Sometimes our weaknesses are obvious and everyone knows the battles we are waging. Other times they are easily hidden and may be the greater battle because we wage these wars alone. Never ever let someone convince you that you are of no worth. You are God’s work and he does not make mistakes. We all are priceless in different ways. We are given different talents and expected to improve our lot. We may suffer different setbacks in our lives. We may have temptations, sickness, and disappointment along this journey we call life. I want you to know we all experience it. You are not alone. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is smile. When your feeling down find a simple way to lift another. We tap an energy in the universe that chases the dark away when we serve someone else. We forget about ourselves and our problems for a moment and it’s enough to break the spell of doom. Smile at others, have them wondering why you are so happy. Say hi and you may find the smile to be contagious. Read a book, have some ice cream, go do something like a walk or movie or a hot bubble bath. Get up! The greatest celebration there ever was is doing something you like. I promise you that you are worth it. Seek the light and energy of life, it always chases away the dark and gloom of depression.


I am not sure about you but I always take a dildo or a vibe with me when I go on a trip. I love to travel. It is so exciting eating out and staying in a nice place. Most of my trips are work related so we stay in really nice places. Clients dollar not ours :). I guess that makes it nice so when we do travel we have some money for it. I think though the hard part isn’t the work or the fun it is the night alone. I miss my kids, my husband, my own bed after a few nights. Every day gets longer and the nights more lonely. I do not know how people do it that spend a couple of weeks each month traveling. Maybe it’s easier on guys. I just know I’m excited to go home after every trip. It’s flattering to get hit on every day as well but really I don’t so the one night stand thing. So yeah rejection for the guys lol. Sorry guys and fellow travelers and event attendees. So anyway a good dildo will definitely get you through the night. I wonder what the x-ray guys at the airport think. I’m sure they see some crazy stuff. So here is to the pros and cons of work related travel. Leisure travel however….just if where there is a beach and I’m totally happy. Only pros and a toy when I wear Keith out is all I need. 🙂


I have had a mental block the last two weeks with two major events happening. Today I just woke up with a tension headache and was like wow too much stress. I am not a fan of headaches or stress. So slept some today, worked as little as possible, and looking forward to sleeping away the tension tonight. I had a chat with a guy today that had got blocked and then friended me again under another screen name on yahoo. I blocked him because he was just being too pushy. I liked him but he just had pushed too hard too often and finally I was done. We had a good talk today and I understand he felt the need to deceive me to continue to be a chat friend. I am not sure when Keith and I will play again but anytime someone lies it creates a trust issue as a possible playmate. For me I never move quickly into a sexual relationship with anyone because the truth about people always reveals itself. Not that trust can’t be earned but even in a normal friendship lying doesn’t work. If I’m going to fool around with someone my reputation, church membership, family, children, etc is at stake and I absolutely will not take a chance. Unless I trust you, I like you and your pretty dang hot your probably not my type . I’m already in a loving relationship I don’t need a replacement. I can assure you that no matter how wonderful you are or how big your cock is you will not be stealing me away from Keith. But if you can’t be trusted you will never ever experience an orgasm with me. So lesson to the wise in any type of relationship beware of a lie. If your fooling around be honest about it. I don’t take chances with people and you shouldn’t either. Regarding honesty as well with a spouse. If you are cheating you really are taking a HUGE chance. If you love your spouse and they aren’t interested in this it might be best to be okay with that and be faithful. If you are not madly in love it may be worth it. Just know that if you cheat your marriage may survive but it will never be the same. Marriage is a beautiful thing don’t screw it up.


Have you ever noticed how some people surround themselves with drama? If it isn’t naturally occurring they fabricate it. I am convinced there are just some people in this world that crave the attention and enjoy inflicting misery on others that some good old fashioned drama delivers. The ultimate puppet masters are those that can create emotion in others and get a reaction. They revel in seeing someone try and strike back or sink into depression because of their craft in pulling the strings. A few things I have learned in my lifetime. I admit not having been perfect in this thing but even my failures have brought valuable experience. So here goes. It’s ok to be hurt but don’t react. They want to see you react in any way. This is the ultimate rush for them. By offering no energy to their drama it diffuses quickly. It may change the nature of the relationship. You may no longer wish to be a friend or tell your secrets. I think that is a normal thing but by choosing to turn the other cheek and not react eventually they move on. Your no fun if you can’t be manipulated. They begin to look for a new victim that will play their game. Usually those that surround themselves with drama have few friends and they tend to run in packs. So they have fiercely loyal friends that enjoy playing the game with them. So be aware if you become the victim of a drama feud you are dealing with the pack. Definitely best to just remain quiet and offer no energy so you can be forgotten about. No matter what you do within the pack you will forever be the puppet so be okay with it because at the end of the day they are the only ones that believe it. Usually when they try to spread the rumors ever one else thinks they are crazy, gossips, spiteful and would prefer simply to just move on quickly and not get sucked into the drama themselves. So have the courage to not wage battles that can’t be won. Not to validate those that try and hurt you by giving any energy to their ugliness, and to sleep well at night despite others ignorance. Life is too short to deal with the stupid.