I love sex!  Totally into play and orgasms.  I think I either have an orgasm by myself or from sex every day.  That’s how much I’m into it.  At least one or two. But as to my taste in sex I’m actually pretty vanilla.  I love fucking but not into the whole pound me into the mattress.  I’m not into bondage or anything too crazy. Sure I love to fool around with others besides my husband but it’s not like I’m out everyday.  Only 8 times in 18 years of marriage and he is always involved or knows.  I love girl girl play and love to kiss.  I will swallow a load of cum and do a snowball but thats not too crazy.  I like some group play and threesome fun.  So on a scale of 1 being a prude and 10 being sex crazed and into some real kinky stuff I would probably park myself at about an 8.  Certainly would and am willing to do way more than most people but there is limits to my lust.  Maybe my vanilla does have some caramel mixed in.  Where would you rate me on the scale as described above?  

10 thoughts on “Vanilla

  1. Grading on the curve, you are at 10! Unless I am way lost there are more wives out there that don’t even know what a snow ball is let alone know how a real blow job is done. Definitely a 10

  2. on sex acts vanilla… but since your LDS you rate a 10, something about that mix of naughty and being a LDS wife and mother pushes the limit

  3. Oh….your vanilla has sprinkles and chocolate 🍫 chips for sure. My number is 9…. But you probably look like a 10 😉

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