Love vs Like

Love is a wonderful thing. We get butterflies when we see the object of our affection. We catch ourselves smiling all the time. So easy to be happy when we are madly in love. Love changes over time from that goofy groovy love to a deeper place. One in which we love each other but it’s not necessarily the romantic or newlywed type of love we enjoyed in our early courtship. For some people the challenge exists where we love one another but we stop liking each other. We see it all the time. Perhaps some of you are experiencing this right now. Love is not enough to enjoy a happy fulfilling relationship. Have you heard that old saying “Love is blind”? Totally illustrates what I am saying here. You will totally ignore problems and endure misery because of love. Fastest way to fix a relationship is to start liking the other person. Like is what brings the desire and passion into your life. Not love. Like is the flavor. Without like you have only love and yeah love can suck.

3 thoughts on “Love vs Like

  1. Yes, but how do you begin to like someone if you simply love them (being blind or have fallen to just going through the motions). Discuss falling in like please! Especially how does one get their significant other to fall back in like with them? 🙂 🙂

    • You do the little things. You continue to flirt. You say please, thank you, and I’m sorry. You make time for one another. You take care of each other when one of you is sick. You make sure they know that you appreciate them.

      • Pish posh.

        <<I simply haven't published my book on the art of seductive liking. Was hoping the the answer being 42 ("The Ultimate
        Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything") or that 8 is the universal distance.

        Great post and reply though :).

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