I am not sure about you but I always take a dildo or a vibe with me when I go on a trip. I love to travel. It is so exciting eating out and staying in a nice place. Most of my trips are work related so we stay in really nice places. Clients dollar not ours :). I guess that makes it nice so when we do travel we have some money for it. I think though the hard part isn’t the work or the fun it is the night alone. I miss my kids, my husband, my own bed after a few nights. Every day gets longer and the nights more lonely. I do not know how people do it that spend a couple of weeks each month traveling. Maybe it’s easier on guys. I just know I’m excited to go home after every trip. It’s flattering to get hit on every day as well but really I don’t so the one night stand thing. So yeah rejection for the guys lol. Sorry guys and fellow travelers and event attendees. So anyway a good dildo will definitely get you through the night. I wonder what the x-ray guys at the airport think. I’m sure they see some crazy stuff. So here is to the pros and cons of work related travel. Leisure travel however….just if where there is a beach and I’m totally happy. Only pros and a toy when I wear Keith out is all I need. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. i always take a toy as well. and have also wondered about the xray machines. i usually have to remind myself to take the batteries out so it doesnt accidentally turn on and i have back up batteries in my bag always for just in case

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