Ok I have to say. The government providing this affordable health care insurance is a total joke. Even their employees are frustrated. I do not disagree that the health care system needed overhauled. People should not be denied insurance because of a pre-existing conditions or not have insurance because they can’t afford it, but as typical the government can’t produce a working product without over spending, a continual work in progress, and a large bureaucracy. Congrats government for your consistency. I had to find one positive thing to say. I do not believe in giving something to someone that is not contributing something…anything. I believe in welfare but the execution of it by our government is poorly done. We have created a nation of takers not contributors. I have now completed the process. We have signed up. I still don’t know what we are paying. How can you be asked to put in your credit card info and not even know what the final price is? Jacked up. I think the whole thing was designed to fail so they could come to the rescue with complete socialism healthcare. There is NO way something could be this messed up by accident. Thoughts?


Ok I am going to vent just a little today so please forgive. I do not understand why so many women don’t get that men are so sexual. Let’s be real they were wired that way. God did it on purpose. Men actually think about sex all or at least most of the time. Girls if you are not going to give it up at least once a week your guy is going to look elsewhere. He will look at porn or go to chat rooms or go hunting for someone to play with. I hate to give these guys an excuse but seriously take care of your man and a very good chance he won’t cheat on you. Not saying it couldn’t happen but I have chatted with enough guys to know that many are not being taken care of sexually. It isn’t a game and you are risking your relationship by not being intimate with him. He is risking it cheating for sure but don’t think you have the moral high ground by creating a scarcity of the one thing he wants more than anything else. A guy wants sex almost as much as the air he breaths. Don’t believe me ask him. He married you because he wanted to fuck you. He stays In the relationship because he loves you and wants to fuck you. He puts up with your crap because he believes he will get to fuck you. Take that away and eventually he will replace you with another means to get off and if you make it bad enough on him eventually he will leave you. Sex is the cement that holds everything together. If your not enjoying it girls rediscover your passion. It’s true


I think there is 3 criteria for evaluating a cock. First length, second thickness, and finally hardness. I enjoy thickness, that’s easy. Length isn’t as big a factor as long as it’s not too short. But hardness….mmmm. A really hard cock is like the absolute best thing ever. Especially one hard and bouncy and drooling cum. When a guy is so turned on he cums and doesn’t go soft you are like at the peak of sexual pleasure because you get more lol. He is totally lost in lust. Raw passion. Usually the second round is even better. I think that is one of the benefits of fooling around is guys are super hard with someone new or someone they are not with often. When a guy is with someone married it’s like throwing gasoline on the fire with their level of excitement. I know the guys I have enjoyed were like so into the moment. Raging hard to. The extra fun makes hubby hard as possible as well. Feels better for him and me. I honestly am not entirely convinced monogamy is the way it’s supposed to be. I believe marriage is ordained of God. But when you can play with others in a good relationship it just makes everything amazing. I know people that cheat and there are a lot of reasons they do. Totally not judging because everyone has different situations going on. I will say doing this with the person you love is way way more exciting. Oh and lots of really hard cocks.

New Toys

I ordered a couple of new dildos a few weeks ago. The biggest I have ever had was 8 inches and pretty thick. I ordered a 9 inch one and a 10 inch one. I wanted them mainly because they were thick. But I can take the 9 inch one now! All the way. Fuck it feels good to be that full. I can’t take the 10 even though it’s just an inch more that’s a lot of inch. Love the thickness totally amazing. A dildo is definitely a girls best friend. Great treat is going bigger than your used to. Orgasmic surprise.