Ok I am going to vent just a little today so please forgive. I do not understand why so many women don’t get that men are so sexual. Let’s be real they were wired that way. God did it on purpose. Men actually think about sex all or at least most of the time. Girls if you are not going to give it up at least once a week your guy is going to look elsewhere. He will look at porn or go to chat rooms or go hunting for someone to play with. I hate to give these guys an excuse but seriously take care of your man and a very good chance he won’t cheat on you. Not saying it couldn’t happen but I have chatted with enough guys to know that many are not being taken care of sexually. It isn’t a game and you are risking your relationship by not being intimate with him. He is risking it cheating for sure but don’t think you have the moral high ground by creating a scarcity of the one thing he wants more than anything else. A guy wants sex almost as much as the air he breaths. Don’t believe me ask him. He married you because he wanted to fuck you. He stays In the relationship because he loves you and wants to fuck you. He puts up with your crap because he believes he will get to fuck you. Take that away and eventually he will replace you with another means to get off and if you make it bad enough on him eventually he will leave you. Sex is the cement that holds everything together. If your not enjoying it girls rediscover your passion. It’s true

6 thoughts on “Really?

  1. wow….as a guy, who has been married to a woman who “glued the lid on the cookie jar” (ex-wife, not my sweetheart Im married to now) I have to say….Damn! She gets it!!! As a guy, I get so sick of seeing the tabloid talk shows condemning those worthless cheating scum husbands without ever addressing the question of why did he seek “greener pastures”? The part of the wedding vows “forsaking all others” gets brought up a lot, but what about “take care of each other in sickness and in health”? SEX is healthy. Its part of a healthy relationship. A man is not a pervert because he wants to have sex with his wife. And if she crosses her legs and says “nope, we’re done” while its not an excuse for a man to go outside the marriage….its definitely a reason he might. I dont condone cheating, but I also dont condone sending your partner to bed every night with blue balls or an aching pussy and crying themselves to sleep because they literally ache for the touch of another human being. I think after this life when judgement comes around, there will be a lot of surprised spouses when they point the finger and then are told by their maker, “and what did YOU do to make him want to stay with you?” Sorry..getting off the soapbox now.

  2. Our sexologist will become nationally syndicated (if she desires), but will keep her anonymity. Mikey will make sure of it.

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