The New Norm

Is gay the new normal sexually? I love sex with girls and am definitely bi but what is bi? Isn’t that gay? Or is gay only referring to those that only like the same sex? In my definition homosexual is referring to people that only enjoy sex with those of the same sex. Heterosexual enjoys sex with the opposite sex but could be gay or bi simply meaning they enjoy same sex relations to. I think bi is just a fancy way of saying I have fun but am not a homosexual. Make sense? Anyway I think many people are curious and open and willing to play gay or bi when they want. I think in a way it’s the new norm. Someone totally not curious at all is the anomaly in my mind. So when I say gay is the new norm I just think it means they aren’t homosexual and they just love sex.


I enjoy having some passion in my life. It keeps things interesting and fun. It is why we walk around with goofy smiles. It is the spice of life. Love can exist without passion but it is like a dull knife. It is still a knife, it still cuts, it just isn’t the best It can be. Same as love without passion it falls short of being amazing. How do we find passion in life, marriage, love, and each other? A few things I know that work include be adventurous, play, avoid routines, vacation, flirt, find balance, pursue your spiritual side, enjoy good friends, have a hobby or two and take time to serve. Some ways I have accomplished some of these things for examples are I love to run, play volleyball, tennis, and hike. We try and take some vacations alone and with the family, I love to cook, I love to flirt, we attend the temple weekly, we play together, we are fortunate to have many friends, I avoid routines like crazy. Sometimes I enjoy going to bed at 8 pm other times 3 am. I will sleep in one day and another enjoy hot chocolate and watching the sun rise the next. We have enjoyed some sexual fun with others from time to time. We are open and honest with each other. We find time to serve friends, family, community, and when we can look for ways to be kind to those in need. I love to read. I am still trying to find balance in my life in a more meaningful way to me and we are getting there. Some days it feels slower than I would like but the hope and pursuit is definitely there. Maybe this year it will happen. A girl can dream right? :). It is possible. What drives your passion?

First Penetration

I love feeling a guy slide into me.  Especially the first time.  There is nothing like a first time penetration.  The guy is ultra hard and wants you so bad.  Typically there has been a ton of foreplay and teasing sometimes over several times.  When you finally get to the point to actually let him slip in a little you are both in heat.  Whether he is on top and I spread my legs or i’m on top and slide down on it or we are side by side and it finally penetrates from the grinding it is the most delicious pleasure I can think of.  I have only dipped but feeling it slip past the ring whether just barely or an inch or two or three is the best.  I will say this I do like it deep enough to feel some of the shaft rather than just the head.  Every movement in me is like bombs of pleasure going on.  One of these days I really want to experience all the way I am sure that would blow my mind.  🙂