First Penetration

I love feeling a guy slide into me.  Especially the first time.  There is nothing like a first time penetration.  The guy is ultra hard and wants you so bad.  Typically there has been a ton of foreplay and teasing sometimes over several times.  When you finally get to the point to actually let him slip in a little you are both in heat.  Whether he is on top and I spread my legs or i’m on top and slide down on it or we are side by side and it finally penetrates from the grinding it is the most delicious pleasure I can think of.  I have only dipped but feeling it slip past the ring whether just barely or an inch or two or three is the best.  I will say this I do like it deep enough to feel some of the shaft rather than just the head.  Every movement in me is like bombs of pleasure going on.  One of these days I really want to experience all the way I am sure that would blow my mind.  🙂

4 thoughts on “First Penetration

  1. It is that first two inches past the rim that is the most sensitive, and the rim of his glans going past that point and coming back is heaven because you’re more likely to “muscle” him as well, aren’t you? And if he’s thick or the woman has a “short” pussy (distance between clit and vagina), that cock is probably stimulating the clit as well. But too long…he be shootin! LOL (I’ve read where your dipping has gotten the boy first timers off in a flash. It’s your fault! 😉 LOL

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