I enjoy having some passion in my life. It keeps things interesting and fun. It is why we walk around with goofy smiles. It is the spice of life. Love can exist without passion but it is like a dull knife. It is still a knife, it still cuts, it just isn’t the best It can be. Same as love without passion it falls short of being amazing. How do we find passion in life, marriage, love, and each other? A few things I know that work include be adventurous, play, avoid routines, vacation, flirt, find balance, pursue your spiritual side, enjoy good friends, have a hobby or two and take time to serve. Some ways I have accomplished some of these things for examples are I love to run, play volleyball, tennis, and hike. We try and take some vacations alone and with the family, I love to cook, I love to flirt, we attend the temple weekly, we play together, we are fortunate to have many friends, I avoid routines like crazy. Sometimes I enjoy going to bed at 8 pm other times 3 am. I will sleep in one day and another enjoy hot chocolate and watching the sun rise the next. We have enjoyed some sexual fun with others from time to time. We are open and honest with each other. We find time to serve friends, family, community, and when we can look for ways to be kind to those in need. I love to read. I am still trying to find balance in my life in a more meaningful way to me and we are getting there. Some days it feels slower than I would like but the hope and pursuit is definitely there. Maybe this year it will happen. A girl can dream right? :). It is possible. What drives your passion?

2 thoughts on “Passion

  1. That’s the key isn’t it? Finding balance, discovering your passion, not getting into a routine and ENJOYING life. Diversity in many aspects of life should be pursued and it’s a craft that needs to be honed. I love to read, I used to be an athlete and have learned so much (as we all should) that it’s hard not to reflect on 20/20. I am glad of where I am going though. 2016 is shaping up very nicely, but 2017 I’m going to be on fire (a real ass kicker).

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