I am just personally grateful for many great friends. What makes a friend ? Someone that takes joy in your good fortune. They hold your hand and cry with you during hard times. They sing, cry, dance, and spend time with you. They do not judge and they defend you when others do. True and loyal friends are more valuable than the riches of the world because they bring happiness. Be that kind of friend to someone. I love you guys that are my friends.

Magical Journey to Orgasm

Otherwise known as Foreplay. No not Coldplay. It’s not about the music it’s about the orgasm. For most women it takes a little time to warm up. I love to make out. The passion that builds as the kisses deepen and the hands roam is like being intoxicated. Whether my nipples are played with, sucked, I’m being fingered or stroking him I just love the experience. Oral is always a good choice. Poor guys though sometimes lose interest after the Big Bang. So if you are wanting more, take your time and make sure to keep pulling him back or you lose your ride. Now if your up for hours of fun here is a little trick. Forget the guys and invite a girlfriend. Truly the best of a great night and on a parallel course to pleasure that keeps going.