How are you?

I am fine. Kind of a crazy week in a lot of ways. Planning another event so that always keeps me busy. This is out of Utah so it has a lot more depth I guess you could say. The kids are enjoying Summer I think we went to the pool 3 times last week. I really love my kids. I think the younger ones are ready to go back to school the older ones not so much. Kiley is at girls camp this week. So it feels quiet around here. More so than normal. We are going to try for a weekend away before school starts up but not sure we will make it. I got invited to a blog conference early next year. I was thinking wow seriously? I wonder how that would be attending one in Utah with my blog. Ha yeah I may go but I’ll go representing a different blog. Kids are sleeping outside tonight hoping it doesn’t rain. So it has been a week for the books for sure. Played hard and worked hard and it’s only Wednesday 🙂


The cool thing is we are all entitled to our own view. The weird thing is no one has a monopoly on being right . The sad thing is everyone thinks they are right. I personally lean much more conservative. I believe a person should be actively engaged in taking care of themselves and their family not expecting someone else to do it. So I am far from a socialist mentality. I do concede that their are situations where welfare is needed. I do not think the government is the best at running any program though. Big government is a waste on resources and irresponsible to the nth degree. No one should be given anything without doing something for it though. It is a humbling experience to need help. We have been there but their is an empowerment that comes from earning it even in the very simple ways. I absolutely am scared of what we as a country are doing with the current trend towards socialism as well as a very broken welfare system. It will be interesting to see what comes. One thing for sure no one has a definitive answer but Obama is on the road I think is the most dangerous.

Group Sex

Been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s been a little while since I played with friends. Here are the reasons I love it. First it’s just fun being naked with several people. Visual delight and so fun because so much to touch. Second guys love watching us girls play. Third it gets very very wet. Fourth if someone cums and needs a break you can keep going with next friend up. Fifth doesn’t group sex just sound hot! Sixth the awesome aroma of sex for all to enjoy. Seventh you can work up an appetite. Eighth a great way to tease your spouse with that nice mix of lust and jealousy. Ninth it’s usually an all nighter and Tenth definitely a journal entry or in my case something I would blog about. Group sex…isn’t it about time?

Suck & Fuck

I think one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had is sucking off a guy while Keith fucks me or sucking Keith off while a guy teases my pussy or dips. Something very erotic about being with more than one person. Having both nipples sucked or making out with one and the other touching or Fingering me or making out while getting oral. Just so many ways to get pleasure with more than one person. It is definitely on my to do list in the near future. Sara, Mandy, and I are taking the boys on a cruise in November and I plan to enjoy some group play. This time I want to fuck fuck and fuck some more. Just wondering where best to go. We are thinking the cruise that stops at Atlantis. Well anyway I digress. Just wanted to say I have group play on my mind.

Yard Work

We moved a couple of months ago and got an amazing deal on a home. But there was a lot of work both on the house and yard. Still trying to get the sprinklers figured out so part of the backyard doesn’t die. Hoping sprinkler guy comes today or soon. But here has been. With all the tree grooming and clean up it never seems we have enough trash cans. We have 3 but could use 5. I am excited by the progress we are making though. Keith has done a great job and is such a hard worker. I reward him well for his efforts though! 🙂