So I have a 16 year old son that is dating, very handsome, and likes girls and they like him. Caught him a few times with naughty texts and other messages as well as in a few compromising situations with girls. Do you say nothing? Try and correct behavior? Or what?

7 thoughts on “Parenting

  1. You won’t stop him from doing what he is doing. But you can advise him of making sure there IS protection (condoms minimum) if there is ANY penetration, since he can’t control whether she’s on the pill, etc. And if MOM is the one giving advice, he’s more likely (I think) to follow your guidance, think you’re “awesome” (which I can’t imagine he doesn’t already 🙂 ) AND will be more willing to talk to you about sex—assuming you have no problem with that. I’m sure Keith is good—but there is no better than a woman to “teach” about what pleases a woman in bed. Don’t be shy, even if he is.

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