The reason I liked dipping was I was able to experience penetration. Even if it was only the head. There is nothing better than grinding and foreplay and then feeling it hit the hole and poke in. Would totally take my breath away. Especially if the guy had a nice big thick head. I think I was totally satisfied with dipping until Shaun managed to get in me deeper. Dips were great but suddenly I had Shaun in me 4 inches and taking a few jabs into me with that shaft. Yeah thanks Shaun for ruining the dipping experience. Now I really am hooked on the idea of taking the penetration all the way. Here is the irony. A decade ago when we would fool around Keith totally wanted me to fuck the guy. I could have done it and he would have been so excited. But I was totally committed to just having fun and not going all the way. Once I wanted to fuck he totally was not for it. Word to the wise….if your hubby wants you to get laid, don’t ask questions, just smile and do it for him.

5 thoughts on “Penetration

      • You’re modest & won’t take compliments easily
        You are a sweet spirit and won’t kick someone’s ass, until they screw up 2-3 times/you give them chances to make things right
        Yet you are so coy and cryptic when it won’t give anything away (at times). Angel in this case, my ass…

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