It goes without saying that a guys first time is pretty awesome. For us girls it really depends. I had a great first time but I know others may not have. I have dipped with several guys as their “first”. It amazes me how fast a guy can cum especially if they have had some great foreplay as well. Virgins I typically have fooled around with bare. For a few reasons. First I don’t want them to thick since they have a condom on it’s livens to go further. Second I just think they should feel their cock in a pussy first time bare. Just my opinion. The downside is they have like zero control. None. Nada. Even just a dip with the head they are drooling cum like crazy. A couple thrusts through the hole and they are goners. It’s amazing to experience a guy cumming the first time from sexual play. Not always good of it’s in you and he doesn’t have the timing or control to pull out. Of the 8 virgins I have played with 6 came in me. Just got so lost in the moment. Total lack of control so be prepared if you are a guys first. Definitely use birth control because no matter what they say they are totally unprepared for sexual pleasure.

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