Ok, I had a good friend that said you have to try sex on Ecstasy! I was like right. She was like so serious though. Like bearing testimony with conviction serious. I was thinking Sara your messing with me. She isn’t the type of person I would think would try drugs. I mean stoners are a certain type of person right? So she stays on me about this because we are BFFs and you have to share all great things. (It’s part of the rules of being a BFF after all). So she gives me a couple of these pills and I’m like whatever. I didn’t do anything for like 6 weeks and she was like pressuring me to try it. Felt like I was back in High School. Anyway I finally did and OMG I couldn’t believe it. Truly great sex. A whole new range if sensations and I was sooooo freaking horny. Anyway something a little crazy but highly recommended for the adventurous out there.

12 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. Fair enough.

    Just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying the blog. Would love to chat in some other way than just via comments.

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