The cool thing is we are all entitled to our own view. The weird thing is no one has a monopoly on being right . The sad thing is everyone thinks they are right. I personally lean much more conservative. I believe a person should be actively engaged in taking care of themselves and their family not expecting someone else to do it. So I am far from a socialist mentality. I do concede that their are situations where welfare is needed. I do not think the government is the best at running any program though. Big government is a waste on resources and irresponsible to the nth degree. No one should be given anything without doing something for it though. It is a humbling experience to need help. We have been there but their is an empowerment that comes from earning it even in the very simple ways. I absolutely am scared of what we as a country are doing with the current trend towards socialism as well as a very broken welfare system. It will be interesting to see what comes. One thing for sure no one has a definitive answer but Obama is on the road I think is the most dangerous.

3 thoughts on “Politics

  1. I sure as heck have a monopoly on being right. Cum on, I’m Mikey, aka The Mike. Now that we’ve established that: Liberals who get their way love to say “It’s the law on the land”, yet they desecrate EVER law already on the books. We are a Republic that is protected from the government. We must force these asshats to keep their oath of office and not let them get away with dereliction of duty. Simply enforce the laws we have (especially for politicians, lifelong welfare recipients who want it to be a way of life, and illegals). Trump had better make us better again, but we must support him and defeat Hillary, to give him the chance.

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