How are you?

I am fine. Kind of a crazy week in a lot of ways. Planning another event so that always keeps me busy. This is out of Utah so it has a lot more depth I guess you could say. The kids are enjoying Summer I think we went to the pool 3 times last week. I really love my kids. I think the younger ones are ready to go back to school the older ones not so much. Kiley is at girls camp this week. So it feels quiet around here. More so than normal. We are going to try for a weekend away before school starts up but not sure we will make it. I got invited to a blog conference early next year. I was thinking wow seriously? I wonder how that would be attending one in Utah with my blog. Ha yeah I may go but I’ll go representing a different blog. Kids are sleeping outside tonight hoping it doesn’t rain. So it has been a week for the books for sure. Played hard and worked hard and it’s only Wednesday 🙂

2 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. Did you wind up going to the blog event?
    If you did, I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow or the next day, by continuing your blog in chronological order.

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