I was talking to a young man in our YSA program that was telling me that kids are fucking like crazy but if you use a condom it doesn’t count. Interesting rationalization. Has anyone else heard this or any other interesting twists on sex without being sex? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Condom

  1. The kids are marking their counts on bed posts? Friends keep score cards? Fucking is fucking—and my fuck-counter goes up one for every time my pecker penetrates a pussy—wrapped or not. But then, I don’t ever recall needing to do a count inquiry.

  2. lol, I have heard that anal doesn’t count, oral doesn’t count, vaginal doesn’t count if you don’t love them……yea, the list goes on. I worked out with a girl in college that said she only did anal sex because she wanted to be a virgin when she go married

  3. How did that topic come up? what else did you talk about?
    Would have liked to be there for that conversation.
    Was it 1-on-1 or with a group of YSA’s?

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