I hate being sick. I rarely get sick. It’s been a very long time actually. When something does break through my super powers of virus invincibility it’s oh so bad. Like Superman with Kryptonite bad. Anyway hoping I’m on the mend. Miserable week. Raw nose. Fever.


Kind of had a rule when grinding with guys is we would play in panties. They could poke as deep as they could through them. It’s amazing how you can make adjustments in them to get a little penetration. Not much but it’s quite the tease and adventure. College guys for sure loved it. Especially the ones at Ricks and BYU. As Mormons we are not supposed to have pre-marital sex but we sure found ways to do everything up to that point! 🙂 anyway very fun memories and even fun now. Isn’t the best part of sex foreplay?

Ha just saw I already talked about this. Must have it on the mind. Sorry for the repeat


I’m home. Keith is home. It was fun reuniting with him at the airport. Crazy week with him going one direction and me another. But it happens. So excited to be home and to sleep with my guy.