Nebraska Football

And again the Nebraska pretender believing that nothing less than winning national championships has fired an amazing and winning football coach. 7 seasons of winning 9 football games per season and competing in a very tough BCS conference is not enough reality for the Nebraska administration. They do not have a concept that winning a National Championship or even going to a BCS bowl is a unique and rare opportunity. Winning a conference championship can be rare in a BCS conference. But Nebraska once again proves that they are above all schools in that they fire winning coaches because after all they are Nebraska Football. I hope you are cursed for years with a lousy coach and poor record. The last time you did this I think you went 1-11 or something crazy the next season. Here is to 3 just like that. This is no rant on the fans this is owned by the stupidity of the front office. The athletic director should get fired as well because of this craziness. Anyway just one girls opinion but yeah they suck. Someone is going to get a very good football coach. Just hope he comes back and punishes them over and over.

First toy

When I turned 16 my 20 year old sister gave me my first dildo for my birthday. She told me not to tell our parents but to enjoy it. She had answered some questions about sex I had had and she told me about masterbation so she knew I would probably be interested. I was just totally nervous about it. I mean seriously a 6 inch dildo seems huge compared to a finger or even two. So I would use it to suck on for practice and to rub my nipples with it. I would tease my clit with it and wedge it in the hole but it took me almost a whole year before I finally fucked myself. I was just scared. When I finally worked up enough horniness and courage. I’ll admit here I had a little buzz from some alcohol that night and a hard core make out with my boyfriend. I got home about midnight and was so horny from being fingered and having my breasts played with and nipples sucked I needed something. Started playing with the dildo and pushed the head in. Been here before so that wasn’t a big deal but being so wet and determined I pushed it in and OMG it did take my breath away but it didn’t really hurt. Once it was in I fucked myself nicely, had a great orgasm, but other than being a little sore the next morning it was awesome. Didn’t stop me from using the dildo the next day. :). Anyway I loved that dildo it was 6 inches and pink with a nice head. Not too thick. A good first toy.


I have no issues with retailers wanting to get a great Holiday weekend of sales. Black Friday has traditionally been a huge kickoff for the Holiday shopping season. I understand for many this is a big deal. It’s so big in fact the shopping has been extended forward adding Cyber Monday and backwards into even an earlier start to Black Friday Mania by starting as early as 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday has even become Black Week as some of the greatest deals hit even before Thanksgiving now. Are the retailers trying to erase Thanksgiving altogether? Is Satan’s war on the family and this day so complete that when we are celebrating the very concept of gratitude and thankfulness we are staying up all night shopping for more crap to fill our homes and closets. The irony in the whole concept of as Black Friday on the heels of Thanksgiving dinner is sad to me. Total reflection of where our society is today. We are without perspective and have abandoned our values that we cannot even enjoy a day together with those we profess to love. There is no shame on the retailers they simply give us what we want. The shame is on us in that we have given up Thanksgiving. As for our family we will not be participating again this year as we have not for many years. We would encourage others to boycott the sales and lights and commercials trying to lure you away. Send a message this year that shopping can wait till at least midnight of the day after. I recognize many of you do not share my passion in this but protect Thanksgiving Day for some day it may be gone altogether. It is truly a distraction to the season of retail.

Thanksgiving 2014

We are staying home this year. Plans of games, movies, eating, and the annual family walk around the block burn a few calories and not to fall into a turkey coma. Who wants to sleep away Thanksgiving? Our day is filled with card games and board games and usually a star wars movie thrown in. We will go see a movie at the theater if anything is out worth seeing. We boycott retail and shopping not just for Thanksgiving but also for Black Friday. Honestly there is just not anything we want enough to trade off our time with friends and family. It is far too precious to save an additional 20%. What are your Thanksgiving plans? We have many close friends traveling this year. We almost decided on taking a trip ourselves but being in a new home decided to spend our first Thanksgiving here at home. I’m thinking next year maybe a cruise. God bless everyone and I hope you make time for those that matter most.