Thanksgiving 2014

We are staying home this year. Plans of games, movies, eating, and the annual family walk around the block burn a few calories and not to fall into a turkey coma. Who wants to sleep away Thanksgiving? Our day is filled with card games and board games and usually a star wars movie thrown in. We will go see a movie at the theater if anything is out worth seeing. We boycott retail and shopping not just for Thanksgiving but also for Black Friday. Honestly there is just not anything we want enough to trade off our time with friends and family. It is far too precious to save an additional 20%. What are your Thanksgiving plans? We have many close friends traveling this year. We almost decided on taking a trip ourselves but being in a new home decided to spend our first Thanksgiving here at home. I’m thinking next year maybe a cruise. God bless everyone and I hope you make time for those that matter most.

One thought on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. That is awesome that you mentioned Star Wars and Thanksgiving!! The two years I lived in West Germany in the 80s on base, the Armed Forces Network played Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It became a tradition in our family afterwards.

    I love how you ended this post, thank you :).

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