Top 10 Reasons to try bi

It has been fun to chat with some new girls in chat. A few that have never tried girl girl sex. Last night I was flirting with one and was making some naughty suggestions. I was thinking today there should be a top 10 list of why a girl should try bi so hope you enjoy. Let me also say I love guys so guys don’t be offended because you have sooooo much to offer to.

1. Your curious…so why not?
2. Guys do not know how to give oral. You don’t believe it now but trust me on this.
3. Girls are soft and smooth
4. Easy dates. Common interests.
5. So good at fucking with fingers and grinding
6 double ended dildo. Need I say more?
7. Longer play time. Multi orgasmic.
8. Great for 3 somes when the guy is done.
9. Breast play 🙂 God that one just made me wet!
10. Finally I have never met or talked with a girl that didn’t love, love, love it!

Guys are usually very ok with this so another way to keep things fun without risking your relationship.

So there you go. My top 10. Anyone else have anything to add?

One thought on “Top 10 Reasons to try bi

  1. 11. Variety
    12. Larger pool from which to choose
    13. This can be a giraffe story to tease a man (giving details of only female playtime)
    14. I have more, but alas I’m tired & I fly to Las Vegas tomorrow and will then drive to Los Angeles.

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