Challenging Week

I am a positive person generally. I love the Holidays but this week feels overwhelming. Lots of events and I’m still tired from last week. Woke up with a headache today stressing and I think dehydrated. So going to pound the water all morning and try to put down the headache. I am grateful for everything and will survive but I am so looking forward to the last event on December 20th.

One thought on “Challenging Week

  1. Not that you haven’t discovered what has worked for you but here are some suggestions for future headaches. Excedrin for Migraines, just caffeine pills, caffeinated soft drink, less noise and dimmed lights or a counter-intuitive method: use two finger and press in at your tmj and stroke downwards the line of your jaws. You’ll want to press in hard enough, which will hurt but for most it’ll alleviate the pain. Rinse and repeat ;).

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