Places I have had sex

Here are some of the places I have had sex. I may edit and add more as I remember. It is fun doing it somewhere else. 🙂 Any of these places you have tried? Bed, car both front seat and back seat, treehouse, hotel with windows open, same room with others, bunk bed, sauna, pool, hot tub, neighbors house while they were gone, off a trail, under and behind a waterfall, kids beds, dorm room, victoria secret dressing room with both guys and girls, tent, in a closet, in front of others, while hiking, at girls camp, in the parking lot of the temple, in the parking garage at Jordon commons, on the deck, on the couch, in a hammock, in a round bed, in a waterbed, on a trampoline, under a trampoline on the grass, in an office, in a church, in a sleeping bag under the stars, in the garden, and I think that may be about it…oh forgot on the 50 yard line of a football field. under the bleachers, in the boys locker room, in the girls locker room. Anyway honestly sometimes I think the best place is anywhere but the bedroom.

8 thoughts on “Places I have had sex

  1. Hey Angie,
    I have been following your posts for a few months now and finally got the nerev to leave a comment, albeit with a totally annonymous email. Like you we are LDS and a bit of discretion is needed.

    Anyway, for us its been hot-tub, hotel with the blinds open, my office, living room with the blinds open, in front of the bathroom mirror (love mirrors), shower, swiming pool (home and hotel), parked car, and her bedroom in her parents house. We have played (non-intercourse) in a movie theather, on an airplane (not sure if that counts as the mile high club), and her parens living room. I am sure I hav forgotten a few along the way.

    Great blog. Thanks for the reads.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback. For months i felt no one was reading my blog or appreciated what i was sharing. I almost gave up on it once. But i so so so appreciate a comment every once in awhile. I am glad you and your wife are having fun. Sex truly is a gift that can keep a marriage healthy.

  2. And apparently I can’t type! How embarrasing. Yes we are having fun, discreetly. I think you have a lot more fun though. Sex is so important in marriage. We learned that the hard way (no pun intended) but it has made the last 12 years so much better and stronger.

  3. Bed, my suv, minivan, (still only back seat/second and third row reclined/hidden-never front seat yet), back of a Escalade hybrid truck at the drive-in, in many hotels (thank you Captain Obvious), in the backyard at a party with people coming and going, (wife offered w/ front windows open once, but I was too greedy to share her nakedness w/ anyone), pool table, executive conference room at a place of employment, started inside a TGI Fridays and then finished in the parking lot, in a park (inside several vehicles), in other family members’ beds, in attics, in maid’s quarters, basements, in risky situations, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the shower, in two college dorms in Rexburg, and other boring normal areas.

    I’ve done all but penetration from me in many, many other places oftentimes at the risk of being caught. Oh I road head baby. The best “almost accomplishment” is that the girl driving almost succeeded in giving me road head. Had it not been for Chicago traffic at that very moment=it would have been added to the list as done and done. I’m sure that I’m forgetting a few places. I have had sex in another country (two if you count third base, if so multiple times in two countries).

  4. My list is short.
    – In sleep bag under stars at a rest stop
    – Little way from family picnic
    – Neighbors 5th wheel while camping them
    Maybe more but memory recall is slow

    Wonder if DHP is ready?

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