My turn ons

There are a few thinks that turn me on. Depending on the thing depends on my mood

Things that are romantic:
Hot chocolate early in the morning
Romantic movies
Old movies
Dining out alone with Keith
Dinner by candlelight
Fancy dinnerware
A night away
Hidden notes
Holding hands
My neck kissed

Things that are hot:
Sext message
Dining out with certain friends
Movies under a blanket
Sex scene
Hot kissing
Kissing my ears
Teasing my nipples
New shoes
Dressing up
A hot girl making eye contact with me
Turning others on
Working out
Valentine’s Day

Things that make me Uncontrollable;
Oral from a girl
A guy about to cum
My nipples lightly pinched
My clit teased my a cock head
Whispering sexy things in my ear
Kissing me from behind
Group play

One thought on “My turn ons

  1. Going away from the sexual (every guy wants to be perverse and tell EVERY WOMAN what he wants and show his unit to her).

    I love these things:
    Raw cookie dough
    The smell of rain
    Listening to rain
    Cuddling with the person I love (been far too long for that, not a pity party, lol)
    Taking pictures of nature, especially flowers
    The smell of cotton in a brand new and unwashed t-shirt
    The endorphins of working out
    The satisfaction of helping others (seriously, I prefer to help someone do their job, work, clean than do it for myself).
    Spending time with my children & I can’t wait to take them to Universal Studios Hollywood (namely for the Harry Potter theme park) & then do several things in Los Angeles!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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