Vacation Fun

Sometimes you take the kids and do the family thing like to grandmas and grandpas or Disneyland. Sometimes you do the romantic getaway like Cancun or a cruise. My favorite vacations are always with friends. Especially my two BFFs! I mean you love your guy and want to spend time with him because he’s your best friend and all. But isn’t it more fun to be in a group? It’s like game nights. A game of backgammon or chess is fun and can lead to strip rounds but game nights with friends can be a hoot. Anyway I’m off topic thinking about strip backgammon…it’s been awhile.

So we went to California in 2012 and was able to get some nice rooms. Had a few days away with just 3 couples. Anyway we did the beach, went dancing, spa, beach, touring, universal studios, beach. (Yes beach repeated 3 times). It was like 4 days and 3 nights. Well honestly I think this was the most fun trip ever. Each of the 3 nights we swapped spouses. So the guys moved rooms. We made them move because we make the rules of the games we play :). So only rule was no penetration. The days were fun and the nights even a bit more. No one could talk about what happened during the nights until after the trip. We didn’t have any group fun at all it was just totally innocent with your spouse from breakfast to dinner or when we called it a night then we swapped. Guys went and got their stuff then we joined them after. I guess you would call it a soft swap. I can’t even begin to tell you what our girls get together was like after we got home. I think we talked about what happened for 4 hours. That was like the opposite of being on the trip where nothing was said to you spill everything. It was kind of strangely hot wanting to ask your husband how it was going? Was he having fun? You couldn’t though. Totally was barred from the topic of nightly activities. We didn’t even get any one on one time together with our spouses for four days. We have never done that again but I think I would like to. Except one change. I think we would rent a beach house next time. Even though rules were no talking about the fun who is to say hearing some gasping and screams wouldn’t be hot. Anyway probably one of the best trips ever. We have done some sort of trip together about every 2-3 years since college with all of us. I have done a couple of trips with just us girls. A few trips with just two couples. Lots of family trips. We did one family trip with all 3 of our families. That was a lot of fun to, but totally innocent, nothing crazy. I am convinced vacation time helps with liking each other. Aloha!

Bubble Bath

This has been an unusual winter. I rarely get sick. I mean like maybe once every 3-4 years. This is my third round of sickness this winter. I got sick in November with the flu. Then pneumonia over the Holidays and now the classic head cold. Anyway I pretty much spent most of the day in bed trying to beat it with rest, juice, and water.

I decided to treat myself though with one of my favorite things. A bubble bath! I skipped young women’s tonight because I definitely refuse to introduce anyone else to my pain and suffering. So started the hot water, then added some bath salts and plenty of my magic bubble formula and within a few minutes the tub was a beautiful fountain of slippery bubbles. I applied some breathe essential oil to my forehead and sinuses and chest and breathed in some Ylang Ylang which I love and always make me horny. I lit a bunch of candles and turned on the piano channel on Pandora. Took of my robe and slid into the hot bubbly salty bath.

I have to say here it felt sooooo good.

Just having the candles, essential oils, music and the bubbles was a very nice mixture of pleasure. I almost fell asleep. I know many of you are thinking dang I hope she got off or something but no I just enjoyed the experience….until Keith walked in. I do love my husband but guys a private retreat to your homemade spa is your retreat right? Anyway Keith kicks off his shoes and just climbs in the tub with his clothes on. Bubbles go everywhere and well it was just too silly to stay mad for long. So I did enjoy him tickling my back, sides, and even my breasts. He found all sorts of ticklish places and then we got out of my spa and had some great hot sex. Tonight the older ones were gone to mutual so it worked out. I really needed that! I think he ruined his pants though. Surprises are fun so thanks Keith for destroying my private moment tonight! XOXOXO

Chat Etiquette

I have had some experiences lately that made me think about what makes chatting fun and what makes it a bit of a downer. There are certain things I believe make for good etiquette in chatting. If you want to play in the chat room and make friends here are some of the dos and do nots of chatting in my opinion. No offense to anyone just some thoughts. If you find yourself guilty of some of these things it’s easy to change.

Have fun. Smile while you chat unless a spouse is nearby. Stay hydrated. Chat in the main room. Make friends. Don’t share too much. Be cautious but friendly. An ounce of discretion avoids a pound of pain. Engage engage engage. Be kind. Everyone loves a great story teller. OCD can be good. Sport talk is welcome. Trashing the Dallas Cowboys everyone loves. If your hot speak up. Say hi to those that join. Be honest within bounds. Emoticons. Invite friends. Sex chat can be fun. Remember your manners. Sharing is caring.

Do nots
Lurking. No ASL ever find out as you chat don’t take the shortcut. Do not ask for a pic when starting up a chat. Never ask a girl if she shaves. Do not lie. No drama. Do not ask for a pic if you will not send one first. Do not be fast and furious. Do not ask a question you would not answer yourself. Do not steal colors. Do not send a X rated pic without warning and permission. Do not be overly demanding and pushy. It is a chat room so do not feel you need to take it private. Do not cum on your keyboard. Do not get caught. You do not need to know our Facebook or phone number or any other form of communication unless we decide to share it. Do not stalk. Do not be offended. Do not try too hard. Do not take it offline too fast. Do not claim someone. Do not ask if I want your baby. Do not ask to cam first time you chat. Do not continue to ask us what we are wearing. We get it guys are visual but that question drives us INSANE. Do not suggest we go somewhere else to have a more “open” conversation 5 minutes into a first chat…this happened today.

In summary there are probably more but if you are not having fun others probably do not think you are fun either. Lighten up, it is not about hooking up its about chatting and connecting with someone else. If you are one that sits back you may have to tap the extrovert on you and jump in and talk. As a woman I can tell you voyeurs and lurkers creep all of us out a bit. We get that sometimes people step away but you really notice the lurkers in a smaller room. We do talk and spread the word. Lurkers beware we are on to you. Chatting is a social experience period. I hope you find this of value. See you in chat!

Early Fun

When I was a Ricks I was lucky enough to fall in with some fun new friends. I met Mandy and Sarah and we were very close from the beginning. We kind of got into the whole NCMO scene and would often talk about the guys we were making out with and if they were good make out buddies and even had make out parties where we would swap with several guys. Some of those parties got a bit wild in that hands starter wandering under clothes and a few times some exposure and someone would cum. It was very naughty fun. There was a group of us that first semester that kind of were pushing boundaries. Had a few dips had a couple of experiences where the guys would dare us girls to kiss and eventually had some threesome make outs where we started to do more. I guess you could say once you got past that awkwardness that comes from those first kisses and fumbling around we realized we liked it. So the fun kind of continued without the guys. First time I got to suck Mandy’s nipples and make out with our tops off was in one of those threesomes with one of the guys. He was so turned on and everything just felt so good. After he left we ended up getting naked and yeah was a very hot night. Fingered and grinding. Didn’t do oral yet that’s a pretty big step. Didn’t take long for Sarah to get involved she was very into sexual pleasure. We had a few group parties as well those first couple of months. It’s so good to have fun hot friends. I’m kind of amazed that after 19 years we are still BFFs. Love you girls!

Like Trumps Love

I can’t remember if I have touched on this before. It just seems many I am coming across are having relationship issues. It is sad to me how many couples fall out of like with each other. You start out with this high level of like and you fall in love. It is wonderful and there are butterflies in your stomach when you see each other. Your heart beats fast and it’s true love. Often that early love leads to marriage and the journey begins.

Life is not always happily ever after.

Seems that after a period of time passes the honeymoon ends. Real life starts to sink in as the demands of jobs, kids, etc make their clam and we “grow” up. I don’t think it’s really growing up I think we just find it easier to take care of those other things. We tend to take for granted those we care the most about. With enough neglect even the best marriages suffer. Deny a husband intimacy or a wife romance mixed with the demands of “life” and you find yourself not really liking each other anymore. You may love your spouse. You may be willing to sacrifice and die for your spouse. Problem is you won’t live for your spouse anymore. You stop caring and ultimately stop trying.

In my opinion the greatest danger to marriage is simply falling out of like. A couple can endure staying together for love and expectations of church, family, and oneself. Ironically they may still have great love for each other they just don’t like each other anymore.

How do you combat this? If it’s not too late you better make your spouse your best friend again. It may not include a great deal of intimacy or sex at first. You may need to get back to dating again. May require giving up some things or a lot of things. You may have to apologize and bury the ego. Whatever you need to do make sure you have done everything possible before you give up. Often people make excuses and play the blame game all too well. Speaking as a woman our feelings are tender. We look to our husbands as our protectors and if we have fallen out of like with you and you have violated our trust it will take time to win our hearts back. Men think very differently. Here is a reality that may be hard to swallow but it’s true. Men lack patience, they demand much, sometimes feel entitled because you work hard. Take those and mix them all together and it makes selfishness. To fix a marriage you have to give up selfishness. Let consistency and patience allow for time to heal. Women can be selfish to but often when the situation reaches this bad place we are simply dealing with a broken heart and scared.

I am just sharing this because it seems so many that follow my blog are or have fallen out of like. You cannot expect to live happily ever after if you don’t like each other. Love is not enough. You can fix it but it’s much harder to win a friend the second time. You will never stay in like if you don’t continue to do the things that caused you to like each other in the first place. I feel very grateful that my husband is fun, takes me on dates, to the temple, surprises me, shares secrets, and I like him. Don’t “grow” up into unhappy relationships in servitude to kids, work, church, and anything else that would drive a wedge between you and your best friend. When your spouse is consistently treated as a low priority the wedge will happen. Best wishes to those in like. Stay that way. Best wishes to those that are trying to fix things. My prayers are with you. For those that lost the battle you can still be kind and a friend. Do it. Don’t hate…the world and your kids need kindness. You will discover joy in your own life whenever you practice kindness.