New Years Fun

So last night we had friends over and played games until about 11 while the kids watched movies. Then watched old music videos on YouTube. The votes for the best music videos of our youth were Duran Duran Rio and Van Halen Hot for Teacher. Girls voted for the first the boys the second. Mandy brought over these kray paper lanterns you light the fuel slab and they go into the sky after enough hot air fills them up. They were like 3-4 feet tall and different colors and shapes. Mine was pink. So we all went outside and braved the cold and froze waiting for our lanterns to launch. We had 14 total so it was colorful. It was so beautiful and you could see them forever and they went so high. Neighbors outside shooting fireworks came over to watch what we were doing because we are cool like that :). Anyway after they flew away we ran inside to get warm and have hot chocolate. Then everyone left and Keith and I had our first sex of 2015. It was sleepy sex but I slept great after. So overall a great night! I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. The too cold cost it .5. This morning got up at 6 went back to sleep now up again and making a monster breakfast. I will be spending all day in my
Jammies. Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed New Year.

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