A few years ago Keith suggested we try DP or double penetration. I had heard about it and have had him fuck me while I gave head but was not for doing it in my ass. So he suggested we try a dildo and him in my pussy. So being the sexual adventurer that I am, I thought well maybe that’s worth a try. So I found a pretty thin 6 inch dildo and ordered it and we decided to give it a go. We figured the way most do it is girl on top, then the other guy comes in from behind. So I got on top and mounted him and after a few minutes we lubed up the dildo and started to tease my pussy from behind. He was the one sliding it around as he could reach around me. It wouldn’t go in at first. So just kind of gave up that it would happen but he started pushing it into the underside of his cock and the head popped in. I was like OMG that feels good. Once the head was in the rest went in pretty easily since it wasn’t a huge dildo. Took us a few minutes but then I got my first DP with him and a dildo. I think it just surprised me when it did slip in I figured it was just too much. I will say that feeling of having your hole stretched is sooooo good especially when your sexually turned on. Once he got the dildo in Keith liked it to as the head rubbing on the underside of his cock definitely set off a huge orgasm for him. One of these days I would really like to try it with another guy. Even though I can do it with a 7 inch dildo that is a little thicker I can only imagine two real cocks would be way better. If you haven’t tried this it is so worth it. Crazy good orgasms for both of you. I would highly suggest to put this on your sexual to do list. Have fun!

One thought on “DP

  1. I think if your not really curious about anal then DP is not gonna be that fulfilling. But if you enjoy it then a DP is an amazing experience. I haven’t don it with two guys yet but have definitely tried it with a dildo. I actually really liked having a vibrator in my ass while hubby ate me out.

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