One of the most fun sex toys is the vibrating egg. The best way to play with it is with another girl. If you have not tried this I highly recommend it. Get naked and grind together but put the egg between you so you can both enjoy the experience. Takes a little bit of practice to keep it where it’s stimulating you both but not much. Just adds some fun to an otherwise already pleasurable experience. The egg just heightens the pleasure to a whole new level. You can also use the egg primarily on just one of you and when your grinding it just really pushes you into crazy orgasms. Just like with oral some can enjoy 69 others prefer to focus on their friend. I am not a fan of 69 I can’t concentrate lol but the egg for me is so enjoyable with a friend. Incredible orgasms when you get off this way to. I think I already mentioned that once. So hope you enjoy!

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