Crazy Busy Times

I really enjoy writing and sharing some of my life and interests and on occasion experiences with you. You have no idea how appreciative i am that so many of you have taken an interest in my blog and in me. It is humbling that you would check in and read my posts and that you enjoy what I share. I do my best to be consistent in making regular posts. This year so far has been a real challenging time. Not making an excuse, just hope to explain why I have sucked a bit lately at the consistency thing. I got really sick over the Christmas break with Pnemonia and ended up in the hospital, then a few weeks later ended up down a few days again with a bad cold. I never, I mean never, get sick. This year I have gone 3 rounds with sickness. A brutal winter, despite as mild as it’s been.  I also was asked to be the 1st Counselor in Young Women’s in our ward. It has been such a fun calling but for those of you in the church that have served, you know how time consuming it is. Lots of fun and I love it, but a bit overwhelming as I am learning. The kids have been so busy with lacrosse, basketball, dance, choir concerts, plays, and other school activities. Keith and I often divide and conquer because no matter how good you are you cannot be in 4 places at once. PTA has two major events left, then that will be over. Sundance and other events for work is also always demanding and I need to learn to say no or Keith has volunteered to do it for me. Sundance was really busy this year. Fun but a huge demand of time. Way more than I was paid, so need to rethink that one lol. So for those that have messaged me and asked if I’m still alive or if I’m alright, the answer is yes. Life is full of adventure with 4 kids, a husband and friends. I would have it no other way though. The irony of life is often our decisions in how we spend our time becomes less of a choice between good and bad but the constant choice between so many good things. It becomes turning a good thing down for the best thing. Priorities really have to be the compass of our life. I do enjoy chat and my blog so with a more full schedule I am finding a need to schedule it in. Less time to plan on the fly. So I am not the fly girl social butterfly I thought I was :). Love to you all, thank you for being my friend in however it is in our strange little world.

Valentine’s 2015

Last week we went to dinner at Olive Garden and then went up to Salt Lake to go dancing at a club. We go every once in awhile mainly because we like to dance and clubbing is about the only place to go. None of us are drinkers we just like the music, flirting, dancing, and just getting out. The guys will be a bit goofy but have lost the dance fever they once had. 🙂 So we get asked to dance several quite a bit by others. Most people are pretty cool with married couples there I think it helps because our guys a friendly and we aren’t bad looking. Just ends up being a big group and everyone chatting and having fun. The grinding and touching just ends up being a good laugh by everyone and since the guys are cool with it we usually get some light action. Nothing overly crazy but can be fun grinding and turning a guy on. Getting them hard and some kissing. Sometimes end up in a booth or dark corner somewhere for a few minutes. I guess since it was Valentine’s and everyone was in a good mood I must confess we got a little bit of everything. 🙂 I even got to make out with Sarah on the way home in the backseat. By then we were both pretty horny so thank you Sarah for making me cum! You are sooooo good with your fingers. I love when Valentine’s Day is on a Friday or Saturday. Just makes for a really good weekend. We hadn’t gone to a club with the guys since our last adults only vacation. It was just nice to go have some fun and everyone being chill and cool. 🙂


I think it’s funny as Mormons we go shopping on Saturday, so we could avoid shopping on Sunday, so we can break the Sabbath and watch the Super Bowl. We went and got our goodies at 11 pm last night just in time. Not judging at all I only point it out to remind all of us that we are almost all guilty of rationalizations. All sin is sin. Degrees of sin only exist from our mortal perspective and our personal pride. The Atonement is truly a powerful gift and when we reach the point we choose to stop judging others I think a miracle will happen. We might find love and forgiveness are much easier. The Atonement will become a real thing to us. We may even realize that forgiveness is perhaps a bigger component to our judgement in the end than our actions in life. Just a thought. Enjoy the game!