I think it’s funny as Mormons we go shopping on Saturday, so we could avoid shopping on Sunday, so we can break the Sabbath and watch the Super Bowl. We went and got our goodies at 11 pm last night just in time. Not judging at all I only point it out to remind all of us that we are almost all guilty of rationalizations. All sin is sin. Degrees of sin only exist from our mortal perspective and our personal pride. The Atonement is truly a powerful gift and when we reach the point we choose to stop judging others I think a miracle will happen. We might find love and forgiveness are much easier. The Atonement will become a real thing to us. We may even realize that forgiveness is perhaps a bigger component to our judgement in the end than our actions in life. Just a thought. Enjoy the game!

2 thoughts on “Irony

  1. I remember Elders waiting until it was officially Monday morning, to start exercising & doing other crap (well, it’s now P-day). Us Mormons are a hoot.

    At times, it’s more difficult to fogive ourselves than others.

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