Final Four 2015

Well my Final Four this year was Arizona, Kentucky, Duke, and Louisville.  Arizona two years in a row you have killed me.  Next year you will not get my respect or vote.  I am beating the guys it’s driving them crazy.  Everyone but Keith and I have someone else, mainly Kentucky to win.  But if Duke wins I’ll win our bracket!  Yay!!!!  Sarah and Mandy listen to me next year and you won’t be losers.  Lol.  Go Duke!!!!

Me Day

I am not sure if this just happens I our family or not but every once in awhile Keith and I will take a Me Day.  We get 3 a year so you kind of have to use them wisely.  They are almost like sick days or vacation days people that work in real jobs get I guess.  Never had one of those kind of jobs so I’m making an assumption.  So when you call a Me Day it means Mom or Dad are on vacation for the day.  Kids get to fend for themselves and/or on Dad if it’s my day.  It’s not so much that I run off somewhere, but I can.  Sometimes I’ll go spend the day with a friend, or go to the spa, or other times sleep half the day.  Like I said we only get 3 a year so they are like a little oasis over the year.  I know this may sound like a selfish thing but we had a family council a few years ago and our Board of Directors (Family) voted this into existence.  We also have for the kids 5 get out of chores cards per year as well.  So everyone is covered.  Some of the perks of the Me Day include.  Sex on Demand or the Freedom from Sex Act depending on ones mood.  Some no justification required spending money.  Does not require details of whereabouts but all our standing rules regarding play are in force.  The day counts for 24 hours.  Me days do have black out dates which include Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversary, and  vacations.  So like Holidays you have to plan for them unless you just need a chill day.  Have a great Sunday!


A few years ago I hooked up with a guy going to school at BYU.  He had played with Sarah and they had a few make out sessions and she gave him head.  So she was very into him because he was fun and young and just really nice.  How I met him was Sarah and I hooked up for lunch and he dropped by.  We then started to chat as well and eventually I went over to his place one day when his roommates were away.  First time was just the normal making out and petting and grinding.  I knew he was a virgin and after some hot chats thought it would be fun to let him dip it.  Just to get the head wet so he would know what it was like. We ended up naked in his bed and he was crazy hard and excited.  I helped him find the hole and he dipped in.  He was pretty excited and wanted to go further.  I was doing my best to encourage him just to move a little so he didn’t go very deep.  I got him to slow down on the thrusting and to just enjoy what we were doing.  I was squeezing him a little bit and had my hand between us making sure he didn’t go deeper.  Kind of stroking him with my hand as well.  I loved it because he had a really big cockhead and it felt soooo good.    He was trying to thrust and I think he was just on pleasure overload because he shot this really powerful load right up me. He was trying to thrust and I pulled away enough that his second and third shots covered me.  It is fun to play with younger guys they are very virile and can get it back up fast but if you only want to go so far virgins are dangerous to play with.  Had to fight pretty hard to keep him under control.  Pleasure seems to override promises.  Anyway was a fun and pleasureable experience but I never hooked up with him again.  Too close of a call for a second chance.  Keith enjoyed the sloppy seconds though.  Was great sex for us.  🙂


i have always liked jello.  But lately since being really sick back at Christmas my love for jello has like gone way up. 

I have been experimenting.  

A few recipes that I would highly recommend include cherry and get some green grapes and cut them up.  Spread them around, let the jello set, and wa-la you have a delicious treat with not just cherry flavor but a burst of grape that will make your tastebuds quiver in orgasmic delight.  Another I have enjoyed is lime green jello with slices of banana in it.  I love bananas and I love green jello and they are the perfect complimentary tastes for not just me but the whole family.  Now I digress here but I must warn you vegetables and jello do not mix.  I will admit I have heard shaved carrots slices are good to add and we did try it.  No we will never do that again and have set up a rule in our house.  No vegetables in the jello.  I have tried cool whip mixed in as well and that adds some fun and yum to your colored creation.  We call it marbled jello.  I did yellow lemon jello yesterday and we put kiwi in it.  That was pretty awesome as well.  We are going to try oranges cut up in green lime jello and I want to try pineapple just not sure which flavor would be the best.  I also like just plain jello to but I have always been big on taste.  I love the sensation of smell and taste and touch and sight and what I hear.  I think anything that heightens any of the senses just is incredible.  Maybe that’s why I love orgasms and sex so much.  Because it so completely involves the senses.  I think things that tend to take your senses to the edge of what your accustomed to is the real adventure in life.  Maybe that’s why I tend to be pretty happy and adventurous is i experiment in life.  I don’t know for sure but I do know I have found some things I definitely do not like such as anal sex, carrots in my jello, and Spanish Fork, Utah to name a few.  But I have found a few things I love like pussy, grapes in my jello, sky diving, and sex toys that are so fun.  Can you imagine going through life without those things!  (I do like cock to)  so don’t worry guys!  🙂  So anyway I would say live life and try something new.  I’ll let you know how the pineapple works out for me.  xoxo 

Pre-School Chat

i was chatting with a good friend today about chat.  There are three questions that on there own seem very innocent and I get that guys wanna know.  They are “trimmed or bare?” “What are you wearing?” and “Wanna have lunch?”  Or any combination thereof.  I was telling my friend that it isn’t the question necessarily that is the problem it’s being asked the question over time by hundreds of guys.  Going into a chat room or yahoo being a woman you have like every guy wanting to chat with you.  Especially if they see a pic and find out your not the elephant man’s sister.  🙂  We like to chat to thats why some of us come to a chat room.  But just a heads up the best chats happen at the junior high level and up not pre-school.  I think often times those questions may get answered on their own anyway.  Focus on giving us an intellectual and fun chat and we tend to be quite entertaining.  Just a thought I hope it helps make sense of why some of us are like thinking “Really?!”  Just a share from a sometimes nice sometimes naughty girls perspective.  Not meant to offend anyone more to like be an ah ha moment.