Greatest Sex EVER

After years of sex with hubby who I like, love, and adore.  Plus the added benefit of some occassional fooling around I have come to the conclusion that foreplay is the best sex.  Don’t get me wrong I think it would be awesome to go all the way with another guy.  But the reality of the situation is that not going all the way you definitely spend time on the other things that are all foreplay.  The best things are sometimes the wanting rather than having of something.  Perhaps someday I’ll have sex with someone else and admit I’m totally wrong but even with my husband who I have had lots of sex with the foreplay is what makes the experience epic.  So guys if your not taking some time and doing some things slow down, enjoy, and maybe even don’t give her sex.  She may love you for it.  Usually I give Keith sex because he has given me plenty of foreplay over the years with him and others so I don’t have to hold back.  🙂

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